Field Service Software Has Closed the Gap Between Large and Small-Medium Businesses

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Last updated Jul 11, 2019 at 9:56AM | Published on Jun 26, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, SMB

Don’t forget about the little guys, because they are fast approaching optimized service levels and are taking customers from the once dominate field service enterprises. Cloud-based field service software has evened the playing field, as the features that large enterprises’ use for field service management are also available to small-medium field service organizations who may be looking to expand themselves into unfamiliar territory, or take on niche jobs.

With field service software being customizable to the needs of every organization, that also means even small-medium business can take advantage of things such as advanced scheduling, work order management, mobile field service apps, and contract management. And while they may not be taking on the same volume of service calls a larger enterprise is, or have the same size of technician pool, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of areas they can become efficient with a cloud-based field service software, and drive their small-medium business to new levels.

Small technician pool doesn’t need to mean small profits

Just because your field service organization doesn’t have hundreds of technicians, doesn’t mean you can’t optimize the pool of technicians you have to help take more service calls. In fact, a smaller technician pool or 10 to 50 technicians means their schedules need to be very organized in order to fulfill the many possible service calls the organization will take, and needs to be optimized to fit in as many calls as possible to drive up revenue.

Cloud-based field service software can help to optimize and organize those schedules so that the smaller pool of technicians you do have are not sitting idle waiting for work, or spending time on administration work that could be spent getting to the next job. That’s where mobile field service software, which is already being deployed by larger field service organizations, can also help small-medium business succeed and give their technicians to tools to be more efficient.

Scheduling tools not only help the technicians stay business and cut down on their administration work, but they also help those in the back office, who may have to wear many hats in the organization. Dispatching even a small pool of technicians can be challenging, but search features and drag and drop tools makes scheduling and dispatching technicians quick and easy, while the work order management system drastically reduces administration time to make up the work order and then enter that returned work order into the system.

Even small-medium business can take advantage of subcontractors to grow their pool

Subcontractors are heavily used by larger field service enterprises, but small-medium field service organizations can also add to their talent pool, without hiring full time, with subcontractor management modules in their cloud-based field service software. It’s a great way for smaller field service teams to take on more service calls and add to their bottom line, without adding drastically to their wages. Subcontractors can help when peak times for service are coming up, when the organization needs a certain skill set to complete a job, or wants to provide service in a different region, without sending on of their own and paying for travel time.

And with work order management and mobile field service apps, work orders can be sent, completed and returned quickly to the back office, and a payment voucher created to pay the subcontractor, all within a system that is automated for speed, and built to help organize and optimize the service delivery of any size of organization.

It can be argued that small-medium businesses need to find every area of efficiency in order to drive the most profit they can. And cloud-based field service software offers plenty of solutions. Field service software isn’t just for large enterprises anymore, as cloud-based field service management software has evened the playing field so that even the small-medium field service organizations can be as competitive as the large enterprises in an overall competitive field service space.