How Your HVACR Enterprise Could Benefit With Service Management Software

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Last updated Feb 24, 2020 at 4:52PM | Published on Feb 28, 2018 | Blog, HVAC

The HVACR industry is expected to see growth in the coming year, with new construction projects being the catalyst for new opportunities, taking over slightly from regular maintenance and repairs. In 2015, the HVACR systems market was worth $81.1 billion and is expected to see 5.5% growth yearly towards 2020, where it is being projected the market will be worth $130.7 billion.

At the AHR Expo, over 70,000 visitors came to witness the latest innovations in the HVACR industry, exchange information, test equipment, software, and service tools and saw how HVACR is moving forward towards new growth in the next couple of years.

In the software pavilion, Fieldpoint showcased their HVAC field service management software, offering solutions to new installation projects, managing contracts, offering a mobile solution, and an all-inclusive software that can manage the entire service department of an HVAC organization. Here are some of the trends Fieldpoint witnessed at the AHR Expo, outlined in our full report from the show floor.

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All in one field service software solution

There were many software products at the AHR Expo that offered HVACR companies opportunities to grow, become more efficient, and manage parts of their service delivery more efficient. The software was available for individual tasks, reading Freon levels, tracking time for payroll, and simple work order management systems. Fieldpoint, however, offered a comprehensive software package that manages all aspects of service delivery for an HVAC field service organization and has tools ready for job costing of new construction projects, preventative maintenance contract systems and work order management solutions to simple work order creation, scheduling and dispatch.

Fieldpoint’s strength is in its ability to be more than just a solution for one specific job, as with a core product that is constantly being upgraded with new features, and an ability to integrate with any software that an HVACR organization uses, Fieldpoint’s field service software is the true all-in-one solution for the HVACR industry.

Subcontractor management support

A shift in the HVACR industry is seeing many companies turning to subcontractors to complete the task and replace their aging workforce. With a shortage of qualified technicians, HVACR organizations are turning to subcontractors as a cost-effective way to continue offering quality service, while not taking on the burden of hiring a full-time employee and getting qualified technicians for any sort of job. Fieldpoint’s field service software offers subcontractor management tools for the on-boarding of subcontractors, quoting and work order completion, as well as integrations to third-party vendors that make it easy to find new and skilled subcontractors in any location.

A mobile HVAC field service software solution

Mobility was obviously a hot topic at the AHR Expo, as the HVACR industry continues to move towards a less manual approach and one that is built to be more efficient with mobile devices. Fieldpoint’s mobile app is designed to be the best of breed solution for the HVACR industry, offering technician and subcontractors a single device to receive work orders, get routing information to a job site, input travel and work times, additional expenses, and capture photos and signatures to close out work orders. Checklists can also be designed for any specific job, task or piece of equipment with Fieldpoint’s advanced checklist designer, making it easy for HVACR organizations to manage their technicians and subcontractor’s workflow, keeping standards high.

Fieldpoint’s field service software is ready for the future

The future of field service in the HVACR industry will see plenty of advancements in technology, new revenue opportunities to explore, and comprehensive solutions to mitigate problems. Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine communication is readily available, and HVACR field service organizations are constantly looking for ways to automate their service delivery. Fieldpoint’s HVAC field service management software offers a complete solution for all the current challenges HVACR organizations face, as well as ones that are coming in the future with the growth of new technology.