Is Your Field Service Management Software Helping You Retain Your Customers?

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Last updated Aug 20, 2020 at 10:11AM | Published on Nov 30, 2017 | Blog, Field Service

Every field service organizations say the same thing – they want to offer exceptional customer service. It’s the cliché of any service-based business, but it goes without saying that it is the most important part of any service business if they want to succeed. Today, customers demand and expect far more than ever before. They want on-demand service that fits their terms and their schedule, as well as clear communication and transparency. As demands continue to rise, field service organizations are looking towards field service management software to combat these expectations and meet the needs of their customers.

So what do customers want out of today’s field service organization?

field service management software

Narrow Service Windows

Customers don’t want to have their time wasted, and sitting around waiting ‘between the hours of 9 to 5’ isn’t going to win any awards with them when they think about calling you the next time for a repair. Field service management software can help you look at your workforce’s schedule and give the customer a specific time that the technician will show up on the job site. And if a prior call runs long, reroute another technician to ensure the time set is the time met.

Self-Service Scheduling

Customers want to schedule repairs quickly and easily without getting tied up on the phone or waiting on hold. With field service management software, customers can log in to portals to request service, send emails to specific email addresses that trigger service, or scan QR codes that automatically generate a service call.

Technicians That Have All the Answers

Customers want technicians that have all the answers to their questions and their repair problems. That starts by getting the right technician to the right location with the right tools. Field service management software can do all that when dispatching, making sure the technician is fully educated in solution to fix any issue. As well, real-time information on a mobile field service app can make it easy for them to pull up repair manuals or check inventory levels to give customers quick answers to when their problems will be fixed.

Real-Time Notification and Updates

Not knowing where their technician is, especially in an emergency, can leave some customers’ pulses racing. To keep them calm, text messages or email notifications can be automated when a technician is on their way, and GPS locations can alert the customer that their technician may be caught in traffic, or let them know where they are located.

As needs increase, so too does that quality of customer service. Customer retention becomes increasingly difficult as customers are willing to find value in other organizations who meet their expectations. Field service management software can play a critical role in meeting those high expectations and ensure that when a call for service comes in, your organization is first on the list.