Efficient Subcontractor Management with FSM Software

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Last updated Apr 10, 2019 at 9:27AM | Published on Jul 12, 2017 | Blog, Field Service, HVAC

A growing trend in the workforce today is the increased use of subcontracted labor to deliver client service commitments. Partly, this is because of the difficulty to hire direct labor, as well as the aggressive growth strategies that many service companies are undertaking.

It has become a necessity to take on more business rapidly, and to do that, HVACFire and Life Safety and IT Services, amongst others, need to increase their utilization of subcontracted labor to meet the service commitments and grow their business at those exponential growth levels.

There are now products available where subcontracted labor signs up and on-boards within the work market and service providers with customers looking to utilize them to grow or expand their business. Customers with the field service software integration with these labor market services can fulfill their subcontractor needs by using the software, creating a communication that goes back and forth to those labor markets and into the pool of labor, drastically expanding their own labor market without the need to hire on full-time contractors.

From there, customers can find the right subcontracted labor with the right resources, skill set and location within their service level agreement commitments. The seamless interaction between a field service software dispatch system and these labor markets, as piled on with the capabilities with third-party labor, provides a seamless and efficient methodology for delivering that service. It’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that growing trend that’s happening for crowd services and subcontracted labor markets.

Managing the complexity of hiring subcontracted labor for a specific service is what makes your field service software an asset. With integration tools speaking to the labor market, not only does it keep you in your own portal, but it also adds the benefit of limiting the wasted time spent duplicating entries into the labor market portals.

Growth in the amount of work a client takes on will already add more hours of invoicing and processing, so every instance where time can be saved and the process automated with greatly affect the businesses bottom line. And the point to hiring subcontracted labor is to see an increase in the profits by taking on more service calls, not see the margins vanish due to new administrative costs.