Implementing Field Service Software is the Key to Field Efficiency 

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Last updated Jan 9, 2018 at 11:59AM | Published on Jan 5, 2018 | Blog, HVAC

Two employees are charged with the same task of finding a historic work order. One has access to field service management software, while the other has to find the original hard copy in a filing cabinet. Now it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the one using the field service software is going to find the work order first, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in ways that a field service management software will help improve efficiency.

Efficiency isn’t measurable by a single number. It’s pretty subjective, depending on the business that you run and how you view efficiency. But generally, we tend to look at it from a perspective of, we are giving you tools to use to make your technicians faster, cut down on duties that take up a lot of time, and increase your service capacity. Because where efficiency is really felt and seen is at the bottom line. In our example above, it’s back off staff administrators and managers that are becoming more efficient, giving them a tool with the field service software that will make it faster for them to find work orders, create new ones and dispatch technicians. That’s a lot of time saved, or in some cases, salary saved on not having to hire more administrators and back office staff to do tasks.

It’s more complicated than, who would win a race, as our example shows, but that simple idea is something service managers and CEOs are facing every day. How can I make my workforce down to the simplest task, more efficient?

Field Service Software is the Key to Efficient Work Order Management 

Whether you are trying to find old work orders, or looking for a way for your field service technicians to get their work orders back to you faster so you can bill your customers earlier, or looking for a better way to track where your technicians are and what their schedule looks like, a field service management software will do just that for you, giving you plenty of areas to become more efficient in.

And it all comes back to the simple principle of making your service department faster, more knowledgeable, and more capable of handling a greater workload than before.

Using the search function on a field service management software will bring up all the work orders for a specific company, making it easy to find prior repair history, which can be routed to a technician for a resource to complete a repair on a first visit. Better scheduling tools cut down on the number of dispatchers needed, as well as the communication between dispatchers and technicians, saving time between the two that could be better used in other areas, such as more service calls.

In the end, an increase in revenue is the only way you can tell if your company is efficient or not, as your organization could be slowly bleeding away dollars and time that would be better used in revenue-producing tasks. A field service management software offers a way to stop the bleeding and return time to your organization, putting more time on the books for technicians and administrators, which means more revenue in the long run.