Checklists – An Intelligent Field Service Process

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Last updated Apr 10, 2019 at 9:27AM | Published on Jul 5, 2017 | Blog, Field Service

In the field, having all the tools on hand to complete a service call is imperative. To receive and complete a service call, field service technicians rely on a plethora of information. Fieldpoint’s field service app has brought all of it together and placed it in the palm of your field service technician’s hand.

Adding mobility to a technician’s toolkit not only limits the amount of paper needed for a job but also adds a connection with inventory numbers, parts and work orders from their mobile device. No more are field service technicians calling back to the office to inquire about parts, or holding a clipboard in their hand with their inspection checklist, as Fieldpoint’s field service app has brought that all onto the mobile device.

During an inspection, technicians can access work orders via the field service app, complete with a full checklist of tasks to finish the job. Collecting data is as easy as swiping a finger, as contractors can touch their screen when each task is completed, and follow up with pictures and notes, without the need to write it on paper.

If it’s a regular inspection, the checklist can be repeated at scheduled service times. But Fieldpoint also allows new tasks to be added from a dispatcher, which is sent straight to the field service technician’s mobile device, without the need for a phone call.

This added mobility in the field service industry brings greater efficiency to the contractor’s time and ensures that important checklists and inspection reports are not lost in the shuffle of papers. It also means faster turnaround times for customers to get evaluations returned, and as soon as the contractor completes his tasks and collects signatures using his field service app, the billing process can begin.

Creating an efficient contractor in the field lowers mistakes being made through multiple communications, and brings the entire inspection into real-time. This simple interface of the field mobile app allows for all details to enter the system quickly and accurately, automating the field service process.

Configuration at Every Level with Checklists in Field Service Software

No two checklists are the same. The same can be said for the types of businesses that will use the checklist and mobility benefits of field service software.

It’s why being able to customize your checklists at multiple levels is critical, because every industry has different needs. Fire and life safety deal more with regulations and code compliance, while in the medical industry it’s around tracking pieces of equipment that are saving people’s lives. Meanwhile, HVAC technicians can ensure that they are not missing any preventative maintenance or diagnostic steps that may result in equipment downtime.

It’s different for everybody, however, the overall benefit is very much the same for every type of business.

The layers of configuration are not only for industry-specific checklists but also individual checklists for different types of service calls, allowing for even greater configuration and customization. Checklists can be pre-loaded for recurring repair or inspection work, but also, they can be customized on-site by a dispatcher in real-time should the customer other issues that need to be addressed.

No matter the requirements, a checklist can be customized, offering a faster, more accurate way of reporting and getting that information back into the customer’s hands.