A Case Study For Field Service Management — ISA Fire And Security

Last updated Aug 13, 2019 at 4:47PM | Published on May 31, 2017 | Blog, Case Studies, Field Service, Security Systems and Fire Protection

A Case Study For Field Service Management — ISA Fire And Security


A Case in field service management

ISA had an efficient manual process that had worked very well in the past, but with the company’s growth, administration costs were going up and tracking all the service calls they needed to complete was becoming challenging. It was critical to be able to automate the entire service management cycle while managing inspection contracts and adhering to industry codes. The ISA team needed a comprehensive field service solution to help deliver superior customer experience while lightening the administrative load that was becoming a burden on the team’s technicians. With hundreds of fire safety systems to maintain, ISA wanted a system that would empower their technicians to handle all work order aspects in the field. They needed an integrated application for customized billing schedules, maintaining installed products, keeping inventory and parts details up to date, and ensuring the process was completely automated and integrated to their financial system.

Business Process Requirements

  • Manage complex installations across several customer locations
  • Track and schedule test and inspection service calls
  • Dispatch emergency and correction action service calls
  • Meet all code requirements for alarms and sprinkler systems and schedule corrective action follow-ups
  • Cater to various customer recurring billing cycles that are associated with inspection contracts


“Fieldpoint’s advanced tracking of inspections and service calls has enabled us to monitor deficiencies and ensured follow-ups, while significantly increasing our revenues.” Jeff from ISA

  • Automation – The Service Management Process
  • Incorporating Flexible Billing Schedules
  • Streamlined Financial Integration