How Field Service Software Helps Avoid Fire and Life Safety Violations

Field Service, Fire and Life Safety

Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:24PM | Published on Oct 4, 2019 | Field Service, Fire and Life Safety

It’s time for a company’s smoke alarm inspection, but the manager doesn’t remember that. With all the other tasks that come with running a business, maintenance checks like that sometimes fall to the bottom because the company has already hired a contractor, one of your employees, to take care of them. But then days go by, and it seems the field service professional has forgotten too. Clients become restless. Angry phone calls are exchanged. Fire and life safety represents some of the most important tasks for a business to stay up to date on, yet they are also some of the easiest to slide right to the backburner.

That’s why it’s vital for a business to find a field service company and technician they can trust. The purpose of those job site visits is to help avoid devastating deaths and a potential end to your client’s business. They’re the ones that ensure businesses avoid fines and inspection failures from the health department, ones that would, in turn, harm the company’s rankings and deter potential employees from joining them. And, most of all, they’re the job sites that your company is getting paid to take care of in the first place.

By entrusting your fire and life safety organization to Fieldpoint’s field service management software, the combination of mobility and convenience will make sure no internal inspection checks go unnoticed. Whether your contractors are new to the industry or have established themselves over decades in the workforce, taking advantage of our software’s features will lead to optimal efficiency and accountability, two of the most important features for employees in the fire and life safety industry.

Behind Fire and Life Safety’s Importance

As its name would suggest, fire and life safety is one of the most life-or-death industries that field service covers. Fires can destroy businesses and force relocations, while life security takes into account all aspects that deal with personal safety. Ensuring that companies have clearly defined fire plans and escape routes, electrical and physical hazards are nonexistent and that fire prevention codes are met represent three major tasks that every business needs to meet to operate safely and, in some cases, legally.

That’s why there is no shortage of clients in this sector of field service. For some companies, it’s easier to hire technicians, such as yours, rather than addressing it themselves. But those clients will quickly leave and find another partner if you fail to maintain a positive relationship with them.

Using a field service management software that is both present- and future-focused defines a commitment to creating those types of relationships. Clients are easily on the same page with technicians from the first task to the last, and key steps are never missed due to a lack of communication.

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Mobile Aspects Complementing End-to-End Convenience

At times, piles of paperwork becomes overwhelming. Stacks upon stacks on desks, drawers upon drawers in filing cabinets, and soon there is no order to files. I thought I put this here, you think to yourself, yet in reality, it’s buried under another pile. Not only does this slow business operations and make them inefficient, but jobs that need to be completed go unnoticed. In the fire and life industry, that could mean missing routine smoke alarm and fire suppression system checks for clients.

Easily dispatch technicians to jobs and lay out their mobile checklist to make sure each aspect of a job is understood up front. Then, watch as each task is marked complete. When a client calls in a few weeks why they had a smoke alarm malfunction so quickly after your technician was there, pull up the list while you’re on the phone and see what time the job was complete and any notes the technician left.

The same process works if you need to hire a subcontractor, too. Over the calendar, there will be times when too many employees are on vacation or not able to come into work, yet the client maintenance checks still go on. With Fieldpoint’s software, both sides of the subcontractor hiring process will understand and view everything before agreements are signed. For the subcontractor, they’ll see every step that the job will entail; in this case, hidden tasks that the technician would find about upon arrival at the job site don’t exist. And for the managers and company administration, ensure that the subcontractors you hire and best suited for your company.

Industry-Specific Integrations that Easily Align

Unlike other software that are generalized in order to accommodate all industries, Fieldpoint’s is tailored toward each specific field. Whether it’s HVAC, Facilities Management, Oil and Gas, or Fire and Life Safety, your company will be incorporating software that from end-to-end will make company operations flow more smoothly.

Through Fieldpoint’s integrations — from Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite and QuickBooks — chances are high that the field service management software will align right into your company’s day-to-day operations. The fire and life safety industry relies heavily on compliance and conforming to a specific set of guidelines and codes, especially for fire safety equipment. One small mis-step can lead to an expensive fine for businesses, but that call can be avoided with an easy-to-use software.

From taxing to billing, and all the accounting in between, financial tasks will no longer be tediously defined by pencils and papers. Rather, information is calculated online and combined with initial quotes and mobile checklists to create a centralized location for information storage.

If your company hasn’t already invested in a software that increases your company’s efficiency and incorporates modern technological advances to stay relevant for decades to come, then an investment in Fieldpoint might be the right choice. Contact us today to schedule or demo for your fire and life safety company, and make sure that you are taking the steps necessary to avoid being the reason for a breakdown in client safety.