7 Signs You Should Invest in Field Management Software

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:25PM | Published on May 20, 2019 | Blog, Field Service

What is Field Management Software?

In field service operations, such as sending a truck out to service a home for pest control, having a repair crew go out to a job site, or any other “out of office” work that needs to be done, efficiency and safety of your employees are paramount. Technology has come a long way for field service operations. Work order management software, streamlining sales and service operations, and even mobile checklists for field service management are all now possibilities.

As the IoT (internet of things) connects our world exponentially over the next few years, it is important to keep up with the innovative ways it can improve your business practices to keep you best in class. If you are still on the fence about purchasing software for your field service operations, here are some signs that it is time. If you aren’t sure that it’s worth it, just remember that businesses are reporting that they increase the number of customers won by 90% because of field service management software.

Signs That It Is Time for Field Management Software

  1. Scheduling is STILL an Issue: Do you have field reps that are regularly missing appointments? Do the sales and scheduling reps have a hard time coordinating with the service reps? If you are tired of losing revenue from customer cancellations due to missed appointments, it’s time to consider a software solution. Fieldpoint service software has dedicated dashboards and automation that update in real time, making it easier to schedule appointments quickly and efficiently.
  2. A Pulse on Productivity: Where is your company productivity headed? If it’s dropping, you definitely need a field service operations software. Some companies aren’t sure if the productivity is going up or down, if this is you, a field software can help you start tracking productivity and give you actionable data to help improve it. Remember, that which is measured improves. Action that is measured and reported improves greatly.
  3. Communication Issues: If effective communication is an issue at any point within your company, field service software can be put in place to help. Fieldpoint identifies several points of communication across a company and helps you streamline communication to help increase customer and employee satisfaction. There are so many touch points for communication across a company that it can be difficult to manage without a software solution.
  4. Billing Issues: All business owners know the dreadful feeling of missing revenue because of billing issues. If you are having a hard time keeping customers credit card information up to date and processing seamlessly, it is time to upgrade. There is no reason you should lose money because of incorrect billing information.
  5. Tracking Key Metrics: How well are you able to identify and track the key performance metrics across your company? Remember, tracking metrics is one of the greatest ways to increase employee drive and satisfaction (because it helps them know how to “win”) and increase revenue. If you aren’t able to reliably and automatically track your key metrics, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue by inefficiencies in your company.
  6. Issues Scaling: Perhaps you have grown your business to a comfortable size, only to find that getting through to that next level is difficult. If you are suddenly having issues scaling your business to the next level, field service operations software can help.
  7. Your Current System is a Headache: We all understand that learning a new software system can take a little time and effort, however that is no reason to NOT change. If your current system (or lack thereof) is giving you a headache every time you go into work, it’s time for a change. Implementing a state of the art software solution can free up your time and energy to focus on growing your business.

Whatever your current business needs are, Fieldpoint services can help. Utilizing our field service operations software, you can increase productivity, keep a pulse on vital metrics of your business, and increase customer satisfaction. Overall, that adds up to a growing and healthy top line and bottom line.