6 Ways The Right Software Can Help Field Service Companies Grow

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Last updated Dec 10, 2020 at 3:19PM | Published on Dec 4, 2012 | Blog, Technology Trends

Having the right field service management software is critical for field services agencies looking to cut costs and increase business.

An article on The HRIS World website highlights six ways field service management software can help any company that sends employees into the field.

Software Integration:

Project job costing, field service dispatch, service contracts and financials provide the level of integration that field services firms want to truly streamline costs and drive profitability while they grow.

Better Tracking:

Knowing exactly where employees and inventory are helps companies ensure that technicians are moving on time toward their destination.

Cut Costs:

Tracking employees allows companies to see if technicians are taking the most efficient routes to reach customers. That, in turn, can help to reduce fuel costs.

Update Work Status:

Technicians can accomplish more tasks during the day if they have mobile software that allows them to stay in touch with dispatchers.

Data Capturing and Recognition:

Capturing and accessing customer information — name, address, phone number, etc. — allows companies to create a database for marketing purposes. Having that information also makes it easier to see customer records and follow through with services or to offer new ones.

Notifications and Service Orders:

With field service management software, technicians can quickly make new service orders if a job turns out to be bigger than anticipated. The same goes for recurring services. For example, the technician can make a notification that he must visit a specific customer every month to render a service.

As The HRIS World article notes, most field service management software programs are relatively inexpensive, and they’re easy to run once technicians grow accustomed to using them.

Source: The HRIS World, October 2012