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Last updated Aug 20, 2020 at 11:13AM | Published on Aug 21, 2017 | Blog, Field Service

Full Integration Between Fieldpoint and NetSuite

Maintaining a seamless connection with your ERP software and field service software is critical, as business decisions flow through both. Having a strong integration, as Fieldpoint does with NetSuite, allows for a high level of synchronization that partners the two software together for a streamlined workflow for any maintenance, project or contract.

From the very beginning, the integration between Fieldpoint’ field service software and NetSuite removes any need to re-enter customer data, as vendors, addresses, names, and contacts are shared between the two software.

Within Fieldpoint, work orders connect with NetSuite to create sales orders, and from there, it connects with all the departments in your organization, such as billing, purchasing, and inventory to fulfill elements in the work order and complete a job successfully.

Sales order numbers from NetSuite are available in Fieldpoint, showing the integration between the two, while in NetSuite, the custom work order number is available in all sales orders. A NetSuite status in Fieldpoint tells the service side of the business where the process is from the accounting side, such as requesting a part, in the billing cycle, or completed invoicing.

Can requesting a part be added to a work order? See ‘pending fulfillment’ in Fieldpoint as you wait for your inventory manager to approve the purchase or selection of a part. That status can change to ‘billing’ once the invoice is ready to billed and the work is completed.

It keeps everybody informed about where a job is at in real-time no matter if they are working in the field service management software, or viewing through NetSuite, which helps deliver quality field service work to your clients.

When looking at information to bill to a customer, line items will appear in NetSuite as time and labor are inputted through Fieldpoint, allowing for accurate invoicing and a seamless connection between the service side of the business, and the accounting side. Again, it’s done in real-time, posting to the NetSuite sales order as soon as the technician enters their time and completed the work order. This allows for faster billing, and up to date financials that can also be seen in Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence module.

The Fieldpoint and NetSuite integration is an end-to-end solution, driving field service work and offering all the unique custom tools in Fieldpoint, such as scheduling, contracts and project management, with NetSuite’s ability to generate shipping slips for recently purchased parts and fast invoices with just a click of a button. And all the way, keeping in constant communication with each other, to ensure everyone is working on the same page.