What to Look for in a Best-of-Breed HVAC Field Service Software

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Last updated Oct 1, 2020 at 2:13PM | Published on Nov 12, 2018 | Field Service, HVAC, Whitepapers

HVAC field service organizations are continuously investing in new technology to modernize their business, with the goal of improving their service delivery and offer a better customer experience. That’s why the demand for an HVAC field service software is growing and the industry is seeing everyone from large enterprise corporations to small-medium businesses investing in a solution that will increase their technician productivity and boost their revenue.

However, the challenge for any HVAC business is deciding on which HVAC field service management software is the right choice is right for them, as there are basic software solutions for work order management, scheduling, and dispatch, and to help with technician activities. But investing in multiple software solutions to fix a company-wide problem isn’t particularly the best use of time and money, so HVAC executives are looking for the best-of-breed system that offers everything under one roof to achieve all their service goals.

Many fall short of that goal of being a one-stop-shop solution for the HVAC industry, but at Fieldpoint, we offer a comprehensive HVAC field service software that will completely revolutionize your field service delivery, achieve your goals of growing revenue and increasing your technician productivity, while meeting the growing demand of your customers. Here is how Fieldpoint is solving the problems of the HVAC industry with our HVAC field service software.

Work Order Management and Mobility

In today’s field service environment, work order and management go together perfectly. One compliments the other and if you’re going to deploy an HVAC field service software, you should be deploying one with a field service mobile app along with it. It’s only a quarter of the battle to create work orders faster using a software solution to do so. You also need to have those work orders sent to your technicians in a way they can fulfill them quickly, then get them returned to you to process them into an invoice, and then have those work orders filed for historical purposes.

That’s why just having a work order management system without a mobile app doesn’t fulfill all the needs of today’s HVAC organizations, as one of the strongest reasons HVAC companies are going with an HVAC field service management software is to remove all manual processes and replace them a digital footprint. It needs to be fast and in real-time in today’s landscape, which paper-based work orders don’t do at all. Fieldpoint understands the need of today’s HVAC organizations, big or small, to get work orders created quickly and out to the field just as fast to be completed, and then have those turned around into invoices.

With Fieldpoint’s HVAC field service management software, it’s all done with our work order management system, mobile app and built-in out-of-the-box integration to your financial systems, such as NetSuite, Microsoft GP or QuickBooks. Work orders are created, some automatically if for preventative maintenance, and pushed to technicians in the field when dispatched, who can fill-out their work orders on a mobile device. Then when the call is closed, the work order is sent back to the field service software, where the integration to the accounting system turns it into an invoice, ready to be billed in minutes. That’s a turnaround time that can grow a business and improve cash flow well beyond what any paper-based system can offer.

HVAC Subcontractor Management Software

The HVAC industry is changing so much that it is not uncommon at all for subcontractors and third-party vendors to be used for HVAC repairs. With the industry having problems filling the void of retiring technicians, more and more HVAC businesses are having to subcontractor their work out, and they need a system that makes it easy to do while ensuring the standards a subcontractor brings to a job site are the same as an in-house technician.

Fieldpoint has developed an extensive subcontractor management system in our HVAC field service software in order to better assist our customers and those in the HVAC field with the on-boarding, work order management and payment of subcontractors. In Fieldpoint, subcontractors are scheduled much as a regular technician would, but their rates of service are pre-designed into their profile, making it easy to turn out vouchers for payment as soon as the job is finished. And with the mobile app, subcontractors can use it from their mobile device and complete a work order just as quickly as an in-house technician. Only once the work order is sent back for the invoice process, another process is completed to create the payment voucher, and get that subcontractor paid right away.

Turning Technicians into Salesmen with Quoting

When technicians are on the job site, sometimes new repairs come up, or the customer would like to request additional service. Technicians need a system in order to quote additional work, as putting in a request to the back office, or sending out a salesperson to do a quote is not offering the best service to the customer, who may want to have the work completed right away.

That’s why Fieldpoint developed their quoting module that can be used straight from the field and have a fully designed and accurate quote to the customer in minutes, all from the mobile app or field service software. Technicians became the sales people and can select the tasks and parts they want to include, all with the correct pricing, and get it to the customer on the spot. And then that quote can be automatically turned into a work order, ready to be sent to the technician to complete in the field.

Contract and Project Management

HVAC organizations generally have their service fall into two categories, either preventative maintenance contract work, or installation projects. Both require unique solutions, abilities to plan and budget, and billing solutions to ensure payments aren’t missed and cash flow remains solid. Fieldpoint has solutions for both, offering a full contract system that automates the preventative maintenance cycle you set out in your contract, ensuring no call is missed throughout the life of the contract. With our HVAC field service software, your contracts automatically produce work orders that are ready to dispatch, and will bill the contract as set out in the interval you agreed upon.

For installation projects, Fieldpoint has a full project and job costing system that will allow you to fully plan your projects, schedule them and make sure they come in on time and on budget. See where you are in revenue, making sure the project remains profitable, while also organizing all parts, equipment and personnel needed to fully install a new HVAC unit. You can also set up billing triggers that will bill the customer based on many different variables throughout the life of the project.

A Best-Of-Breed HVAC Field Service Software

Fieldpoint ensures that if your HVAC organization has a problem, that we will have the solution for it in our comprehensive HVAC field service management software. Being best-of-breed isn’t just something you can without offering all the tools an HVAC organization needs to succeed. By implementing our field service software, you’ll see greater response times from your technicians, improved customer experience and grow your revenue. Fieldpoint recognizes that it’s not a one-fit solution for all, so we are willing to customize your HVAC field service software to meet your needs and demands in the growing HVAC industry.