HVAC Field Service Software as a Competitive Differentiator

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Last updated Jan 6, 2020 at 11:49AM | Published on Oct 15, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, HVAC

HVAC field service organizations have plenty to think about when trying to enhance their service delivery and how to move their business forward with better business operations, profitability and a more positive impact on their customer experience. As the industry continues to become more competitive, HVAC organizations are turning to software solutions, including HVAC field service software, to help effectively deliver positive change to their organization.

The value in greater customer experiences is measurable in renewed contracts, better reviews from customers, more service calls and fewer objections to price increases. HVAC field service software can offer plenty of dispatching, scheduling and mobile tools to increase the customer experience, but it has also become the differentiator in the customer experience and help to build trust and consistency with your customers. Customers want an HVAC organization they can trust, rely on and expect amazing service from with every service call. In fact, they are more willing to pay for that type of service because it’s reliable and gets the job completed every time.

By turning to an HVAC field service management software, your organization is getting the tools that can be a competitive differentiator between you and your competition, putting you on the shortlist of service organizations to be called every time something goes wrong, if not always being the first-call.

HVAC Field Service Software Offers Operation Consistency

A critical point for any HVAC organization to focus on is delivering a consistent service experience to its customers. Customers want to know that the technician showing up will offer them the same experience they had before that, and the time before that. To do this, you need to have the proper people and process in places, which including the right technicians with the right skill set, and the dispatching, scheduling and mobile tools to ensure that the service you’re delivering is universal.

With an HVAC field service software solution, your organization can drive forward the art of consistency. With the field service mobile app, technicians can follow work orders and advanced checklists to ensure that every step of a service call is guided, and every piece of information required is collected. It’s also a great way to enhance the technician’s ability to deliver service by giving them access to a complete service history for that customer and that piece of equipment or offering them help guides and manuals to help with complete tasks.

Consistency is a must in today’s HVAC field service space, as customers don’t want a drastic shift in their service standards. Today’s customers are more than willing to pay extra if the service they are getting is consistent and top of the line because it’s peace of mind that the job will be completed properly, with a higher first-time fix rate, which ultimately, will save them money through fewer service calls per year.

HVAC Field Service Software Can Build Trust

What happens when you deliver a consistent product is, you build customer trust. Great service builds trust, and in today’s market, customers are wanting a consistent service organization they can trust to minimize the stress of dealing with even the worst emergency situations. Trust and loyalty are the backbone of any HVAC field service organization. In a tough competitive market, knowing that the service you deliver keeps your customers happy every single time they call is going to ensure your organization stays around and always beats out the competition.

It’s why HVAC field service software solutions are becoming so popular, as they are helping to drive the consistency that helps to build trust. From ensuring a preventative maintenance call is never missed because of contract module that automatically produces work orders with attached parts and checklists are ready to be dispatched, to having built-in integrations with inventory and parts to get fast answers on repair times and achieve higher first-time fix rates, HVAC field service software is guiding HVAC service organizations towards full complete trust from their customers. The strength in the bond between the HVAC organization and their customer is strengthened with HVAC field service management software, which increases consistency and leads to better customer experiences.

HVAC Field Service Software Helps Combat Price Objections

If you have consistent service delivery and a loyal customer, fielding objections to price increases will be easier. Customers are price conscious more than ever and don’t always see the value in the service when compared to the price. That can be the most difficult part when costs rise, as you will have to justify the cost increase.

The thing is, if you have deployed an HVAC field service software, and utilized automation tools, mobile field service apps, and offer consistent customer experience, you will be able to provide your customers with the value for their money and explain exactly how your service delivery is worth the price. As said, customers are willing to pay more with asking too many questions about the value if the service remains steady, on-time, and without hiccups along the way. The greater their loyalty, the fewer objections they will have when the conversation turns to price. And with loyalty, they won’t be seeking out your competition for service, because they know exactly what they are getting from your organization, and it may not be worth the few extra dollars they will save to gamble on someone new.

Make HVAC Field Service Software the Differentiator

Many in the HVAC space are turning to HVAC field service management software to be the differentiator between them and their competition. It’s about offering a consistent customer experience to build brand loyalty, which will, in turn, make it easier to defend price increases through a field service software solution that offers plenty of benefits to not only yourself but also your customers.

Today’s customers have lots of power to make drastic financial decisions that could affect your organization. Don’t become the organization that reacts to the trends that are happening today, but rather become the one that becomes a leader and innovator to best achieve an outstanding customer experience.