What Is Service Scheduling Software?

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:21PM | Published on Dec 15, 2021 | Blog, Field Service

Service scheduling software enables field service businesses to manage their resources better as new bookings come in. Customers care deeply about the time it takes to fix their problems, and long wait times can easily have them looking for better service options. Likewise, dispatchers need to manage the resources they have to handle the influx of new customers, work orders, and service requests to keep the business growing.

Fieldpoint’s field service management software comes with a service scheduling software solution. It provides businesses with a birds-eye-view of the team’s upcoming jobs and drag-and-drop flexibility when it comes to adjusting, categorizing jobs, resolving conflicts, and more.

For the dispatch that needs to find the perfect technician for the job or the nearest technician to an emergency repair, it’s essential to give them the tools to:

  • Find the right people
  • Adjust their schedule to fit a new call
  • Route the technician
  • Optimize their entire schedule and route daily

An Organization-Wide Option for Service Scheduling

Fieldpoint’s software is designed to keep enterprises in sync with all departments of their organization. Many field service organizations are made up of multiple teams, such as those who handle break/fix repairs and those who handle the project work. With an older, often manual system in place, many organizations have to run two different teams with their own set of dispatchers. It would be rare for a technician who works on installations to cross over to handling simple service calls or a service technician getting called to a big job site.

With service scheduling software, all technicians are under one roof; they are grouped in a pool and can be used as needed. Specialties can be set, so specific technicians fall under installation work when doing a skill set search. Service technicians can be pulled from their routes and moved towards that work if there needs to be an extra set of hands on a project site. This ensures projects are brought in on time without delays.

Dispatchers can make scheduling adjustments on the dispatch board by finding an available technician and scheduling them for the appropriate work. The concerned technicians will be alerted to the changes via the Fieldpoint mobile field service app and move on to the next job. This new organization-wide view lets everyone see what is happening at any time, reducing time to fix times and expanding the workforce when there is an influx of other work to be completed.

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Fixing the Struggles of the Dispatcher with Service Scheduling Software

Assigning work orders to your technicians can be a complex operation, requiring deep expertise, especially when balancing routing, equipment tracking, and monitoring. Fieldpoint’s service scheduling software is designed with the dispatcher’s needs in mind. For dispatchers, the benefits are an easy way to complete tasks with inventory and invoicing quickly. As a result, you will experience a significant increase in dispatching productivity and efficiency.

Dispatchers will have everything they need at their fingertips to combat the struggles of trying to dispatch a daily schedule most efficiently. That includes:

Access to parts information: Dispatchers can see if a part is available and can reschedule service calls that require that specific part for a later time, increasing first-time fix rates.

Full schedule view: Dispatchers can see the entire schedule for each technician in front of them for the day, week, or month. Quickly switch to the timeframe desired and optimize schedules to make room for additional service calls.

Work order tracking: See precisely where the technician is in the work order appointment to know if they are close to being finished so you can schedule a new call.

Route planning and optimization: Many dispatchers haven’t considered how their technicians are getting from job site to job site. Route planning tools, cut down on drive times, and reduce travel expenses by planning the most effective route.

End-to-End Service Scheduling to Get the Job Done Right

Fieldpoint’s service scheduling software enables dispatchers to get the right people to the job. Cut down the time to fix by giving dispatchers the tools to gain visibility with the ability to optimize. Service scheduling software has the ability to solve the largest struggles dispatchers have with an easy-to-use system that doesn’t create more steps in an already complicated process.

Dispatchers can easily:

  • Drag-and-drop work order assignments to technicians and subcontractors in the field
  • Get real-time notifications when new appointments are coming in
  • Adjust work order criteria
  • Improve scheduling accuracy with automated drive time calculations
  • Ensure that services and resources are scheduled as optimally and efficiently as possible

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