Narrow Your Focus While Looking at Field Service Management Software

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Last updated Dec 23, 2019 at 3:53PM | Published on May 14, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, Mobile App & Checklist

When thinking of implementing a field service management software solution, having a big picture objective is great at the beginning. But what is it that your organization wants to achieve at the very end? Focus on complete automation of work orders, a paper-free organization, better scheduling tools to improve customer service, a mobile field service app and much more.

Considering how robust field service management software is today, with options to achieve complete automation and check off every wish on the list, it’s not going to be an issue to eventually achieve every goal you have in mind. However, field service software isn’t something you just pick up at the store, plug in, and play with. It’s a critical decision for any industry, and needs to be looked at with a narrower focus than perhaps you’re ready for.

It’s great you want to add mobile apps and automate every portion of your business, but perhaps scheduling is the most important thing to figure out first, which will improve your customer service times. Or perhaps just getting a work order system that is paperless, automated, and comprehensive is the place you need to start your field service software road map before jumping into other areas.

Narrow your focus when implementing field service software

The first critical thing to remember when implementing a field service management software is that, it isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You can have everything you want and achieve every goal your organization has, but only if you plan your road map appropriately and try not to do everything at once. It’s the same when your organization plans on doing a major installation. The end goal is something massive, but there are plenty of smaller tasks that need to be taken care of first before you get the finished product. If you rush through any step, you risk causing problems with tasks and goals to come.

Field service management software is a powerful tool to introduce into your organization, and like any new tool, it needs to be tested before being introduced into the day-to-day lives of your technicians and subcontractors. There is always pushback when new technology or procedures come into an organization. A narrow focus when implementing a field service software will limit the amount of negativity toward change you would get, as compared to turning the organization upside down in one shot and implementing your big picture right away.

It’s also imperative to see what works and what doesn’t, and then perfect what is being implemented into the organization. You may hire jacks-of-all trades, but having a master-of-none when it comes to field service software isn’t going to make the system run the way you dreamt. Each new tool, module and program added is something everyone has to get used to and master before it truly becomes part of your service organization. For example, if your dispatch team can’t master the scheduling features and how to dispatch crews, using a mobile field service app isn’t going to work because those apps are dependent on technicians getting work orders sent to their devices by dispatchers.

It’s a one-step-at-a-time approach when looking at field service management software. Dream big with your goals because today’s field service software is so powerful that it can handle everything you can imagine. But when it’s time to implement those goals, remember to walk before you run. All your goals will be fulfilled, provided you are ready to narrow your focus to what is important first and foremost, and not get ahead of yourself.