Important Reasons You Need A Field Service Software Upgrade

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Last updated Mar 16, 2020 at 5:25PM | Published on Sep 18, 2018 | Field Service, Mobile App & Checklist

Technology is making our lives and jobs easier. We’re very quick to jump into line at the store and queue up for the next wave of new technological gadgetry. Is the previous version faulty? Nope, but there’s a newer, shinier one with an extra sliver or two of nuance.

Technology in professional situations is completely different. Updates happen at a similar pace and companies are sluggish to implement them, making their lives in the workplace needlessly complicated when solutions are right under their noses.

Updating your field service management software stands to save you a whole bunch of hassle while making your business simply run more smoothly. In fact, a staggering 97% of field service software users report it has a beneficial impact on their business operations.

How is that happening? We thought you’d never ask.

The Internet of Things

Yeah, we know IoT has been a tech buzzword in recent years. The fact remains that as more and more devices become connected, that increased connectivity provides innovative solutions that can streamline field service operations. The most simple example of which is the having devices in the field that communicate in real time between in-office technologies and cloud platforms. Having everything in one distributed place greatly upticks efficiency.
Field Service Software Upgrade

Customer communication

Work in the field can change whimsically and, sometimes, customers aren’t happy about such unpredictability. The best we can do to assuage their inherent concerns is to have field service software that can provide the customers with real-time updates to work that’s being done. This way they can be alerted of changes, delays, unforeseen circumstances, or a friendly note saying their work is done. Having this on a platform with you in the field is key to making the process even faster. Customers who are aware of things as quickly as possible are much more likely to be satisfied.

Inventory tracking

From warehouse to field service, keeping a close eye on haves and have nots can be a tricky business. With distributed field service software, you’ll fill this gap and keep more accurate tabs on inventory you have and what needs to be restocked. Having this in mind is greatly beneficial to properly tracking field service needs and not being caught out of stock of something essential.

The benefits of field service software are expansive, all you have to do is take the leap and upgrade your technologies. It’s not that scary and the reward will far outweigh the initial investment.