How Will Changing to Field Service Software Change Things for HVAC Technicians and Customers

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Last updated Feb 8, 2019 at 1:37PM | Published on Oct 2, 2017 | Blog, Field Service, HVAC

Buying a field service software isn’t as simple as walking into your nearest Best Buy, grabbing it off the shelf and installing it on your computer. It’s a complex decision that requires demonstration of the product, implementation of the software and a full understanding of the benefits of what you’re purchasing.

Different industries have distinct reasons to want a field service software, but for companies in the HVAC space who are evaluating whether a field service application is right for them, it can be a literal end-to-end transition for their organization. So, it’s not a simple decision to make without first looking internally and seeing what a field service software will do for them. And that should happen before the first search is done for a software solution.

But change isn’t always welcome, and two groups specifically may not want to move away from what they are already comfortable doing. Here are two groups to consider when making the switch to an HVAC field service application:

Are Your Technicians Ready for the Change?


HVAC field service software can come with many notable features that will make your technicians lives easier and more convenient while streamlining their workflow and making them more efficient workers. Mobile field service app technology can be a game changer; however, it could be foreign to many of your technicians who have done things the old way for so long that they resist change.

While ‘getting with the times’ is becoming a must for those in the HVAC space, respecting your older employees who have been with the company for years and may not understand mobile technology is also critical, as these technicians can be some of your best workers.

It may just take some simple training to bring them up to speed with mobility, as showing simple interfaces and how mobile field service apps can make their job easier may spark their interest and see that a field service software is working with them, not against them.



Are Your Customers Ready for the Change?

When getting an HVAC field service software, it’s not just internal concerns to look at, as you also should take into consideration how your customers will react to the change. Much like your technicians, customers may like things done the old way they are used to and don’t want to deviate from that path. The old saying, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, may apply, but when it comes to thinking about a field service application, it’s more along the lines of an upgrading to better serve the customer, as opposed to fixing something that needs repair.

Much like you will be getting an education in your purchased field service software, so too will your customers need one as well. But the benefits to a customer are numerous, from on-demand service that can be achieved through scheduling tools, predictive maintenance with growing Internet of Things technology, greater communication between everyone involved and faster turnaround times on billing and invoicing will be areas your customer won’t mind seeing change.

At the end of the day, change can either pass you by or increase your business. With a growing HVAC industry, changing your organization structure with field service software is a big choice to make, so ensure you find an application that not only provides you with a full field service solution but one that is willing to help you work through the transition