Fieldpoint’s Subcontractor Management Software

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Last updated Apr 10, 2019 at 9:27AM | Published on Jun 8, 2017 | Blog, Field Service


Fieldpoint is a service and project management suite which provides all the tools needed for managing and optimizing your team of subcontractors in the field. This article gives an overview of some of the features of subcontractor management software that streamline processes and boost efficiency.

Subcontractor Onboarding

Let’s start with subcontractor onboarding. Fieldpoint’s subcontractor management software allows you to set up all your vendors with their various skill sets, certifications, and applicable rates. Subcontractors can be on-boarded via configurable web vendor portals, and you can choose to onboard new resources with optional third party systems like WorkMarket or other vendor recruiting systems which standardize this repeatable process.

Assign Work Orders and Projects to Your Subcontractors

Next, Fieldpoint provides various methods to assign work orders and projects to your contractors in the field via the subcontractor management software. You can assign your subcontractors within Fieldpoint using variables like recently recruited vendors, closest to the job site, and highest satisfaction rating. Fieldpoint simplifies the process of selecting the right vendors to your field jobs.



Field Service App

After scheduling your subcontractors, Fieldpoint’s field mobile app and convenient web portals make it simple for vendors to send one or multiple quotes. The configurable quotation management workflow helps to automate the process of converting the approved vendor quotation into a customer facing quote. This function significantly speeds up the process of getting multiple vendor quotes and reduces the time between entering and starting a work order.

Now while on the job site your subcontractor uses a mobile device of their choosing to collect all the data required to complete their job. Fieldpoint’s field service app works both on and offline and is downloadable from both the app store and google play. Between simple collection of time, parts, photos, barcode scans, signature, and robust checklist completion, the intuitive Fieldpoint mobile solution empowers your subcontractors to collect all necessary data and ensure that your business maintains your organizational standards.

Subcontractor Invoicing

Once a job is completed, Fieldpoint’s subcontractor management software generates the customer and vendor invoice based upon the agreement on rates and work performed. Subcontractors can use their mobile devices to review and approve their invoice before the accounting department approves them for payment.

The automatic creation of the customer and subcontractor invoices integrates to many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This translates to faster processing of invoices, improved cash flow and minimized administration.

With several hundred customers in the industrial services space, Fieldpoint is the industry leader in comprehensive field service and project management software for subcontractor based organizations.