Drive Customer Experience Through Predictive Maintenance


Last updated Jan 3, 2020 at 2:34PM | Published on Feb 22, 2018 | Blog

Predictive maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean the latest and greatest in the Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology, or machine to machine communication because it some industries, service work can be as simple as cleaning carpets, emptying trash and repairing hand dryers. That’s what the facilities maintenance industry deals with, and sensors aren’t going to be able to tell them when it’s time to shampoo carpets or increase their rate of washing floors in office buildings, malls, and stores.

But by utilizing Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence module inside its field service management software, service departments can monitor any trend or analytic they can think of to turn themselves into a predictive maintenance organization, offering customers the foresight of when they will need greater service, and automating that service through contracts and service level agreements.

With Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence, service managers can customize any kind of performance indicator they would want to track and get real-time data that can alter their service delivery. Service managers could narrow down, to each individual store, the types of calls they get, the frequency in which they get them when their busiest month is for that particular service call, and then make arrangements to have service calls schedule to mitigate the issues before they happen.

In the facilities maintenance space, predictive maintenance could be as simple as knowing that floors need cleaning more in the winter months due to wet conditions, or to monitor the air conditioning unit in the summer when it’s running more, and then dispatching maintenance crews more frequently during those peak service times.

A field service management software with Business Intelligence can offer you a sales tool that will drive your customer experience, as you can monitor their facilities situation, and keep the customer more informed on the trends for service work than they are probably aware of. One contract doesn’t fit all facilities, and by being more predictive through advanced analytics, it allows you to customize your service agreement for each individual customer based on their needs and service trends.

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Utilize the full field service management software solution

Armed with new analytical data and service trends, customized contracts can be developed in Fieldpoint’s contract module, where work orders can be automated and created at any interval to ensure that service crews are on location when they are needed.

This automation in the field service management software will help drive customer satisfaction, as the service call volume is designed with their business in mind, based on their trends and data. For the facilities maintenance industry, customers will enjoy the predictive scheduling that allows them to focus less on maintenance and more on their business. By analyzing historic data to find the service trends for each location, customers are spending less time calling and contact you for emergency maintenance, as you will have managed to take their needs into consideration and design a schedule that fits just for them.