Evaluate HVAC Field Service Software by Asking the Right Questions

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Last updated Jan 3, 2020 at 2:41PM | Published on Nov 21, 2018 | Blog, HVAC

HVAC field service software is confusing to evaluate because there are tools and modules to cut through to get an evaluation. The big question is, what is field service software and how will it help my business? You may be asking simple questions that need to be answered before moving forward. Will an HVAC field service software grow your business? Will it make my technicians more efficient? These are frequent and vital questions that every HVAC executive must ask themselves before purchasing an HVAC field service management software. Here are some additional questions to think about –

Will HVAC Field Service Software be the Right Fit for My Organization

With HVAC field service software, it’s not a standard purchase, therefore your needs will be different than your competition. Large enterprise organizations have different needs than SMB’s, and that changes questions asked heading into a field service software evaluation.

A better question to ask is, what part of my business am I trying to improve? You are looking internally at your own needs, and focusing on what you do best, or, what you can do better. The aim is to find a field service management software that will help you achieve those goals.Some organizations just handle preventative maintenance and want an automated way of handling their contracts and work orders. Other companies focus on installations of HVAC units and need a full project and job costing system.

Other questions are around your financial system, and how it integrates with your field service software to speed up billing.   Some companies want to eliminate any paper-based, manual processes and go with a full mobile solution. The key questions to ask are around activities that center around your organization’s needs and wants, and less on competitors. Only you know what is right for you, so start by asking yourself what you need, before looking for a solution.

How Much Training Will Be Required

HVAC executives worry about how their teams will adapt to new technology because change can be a scary thing, and people resist it. There will be training with new implementations. In today’s world, we are already embracing mobile devices, so won’t be as rough as you think it will be.

The key will be to explain to your employees that an HVAC field service software is going to make their work life easier. They can look forward to more efficiency, getting to job sites faster and completing more calls. Perhaps more importantly, it is going to give them the information they need, when they need it, straight into their hand. They will feel more connected to the back office and not alone in the field hunting for answers.


Will an HVAC Field Service Software Grow My Business?

The major question asked will be, what will you get for all this time and money invested? How will it impact the growing bottom line? If you look at your strengths and weaknesses, train employees correctly, an HVAC field service software can positively influence your bottom line.

Technicians will be able to take more service calls and speed less time idle. Your dispatchers will have proper dispatching, routing and scheduling tools to make more informed scheduling decisions. You’ll be able to sell more contracts and rest assured those calls are never missed. Contracts will automatically produce work orders therefore reducing back office time in creating recurring work orders. Mobility will speed up the way in which technicians fill out work orders. They will get back to the main office, which can have work orders turned around quickly and processed into invoices.

And with additional reporting and analytical tools in the Business Intelligence module, managers will be better equipped with real-time reports coming straight from the field. This will allow Key Performance Indicators to be closely monitored, and more informed business decisions to be made.

HVAC Field Service Software is Tailored to You

The important thing to remember is that an HVAC field service software should be tailored to meet your needs. While there are tools and software available to help achieve success in the field, they don’t always work for your business.