The Best Field Service Software at The World’s Largest HVAC Marketplace

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Last updated Oct 1, 2020 at 9:05AM | Published on Jan 15, 2019 | Blog, HVAC

Fieldpoint will once again bring the best field service software to the annual AHR Expo, the world’s largest HVACR event that brings industry leaders from around the world. The show, which runs from January 14 to 16 in Atlanta, Georgia this year, attracted over 70,000 people last year. And many of them came through the software pavilion to see what new developments were happening in the field service software industry.

The economic demand for HVACR is still growing, and HVAC field service organizations have had to come up with modern innovations to open new doors. The HVACR systems market was an $81.1 billion market as of 2015 and is expected to grow by 5.5% each year through 2020. That leads to opportunities worth $130.7 billion.

Refrigeration continues to be an expected major player in this growth, as demand for cold storage and good processing expands. At the end of the 2018 AHR Expo, the annual Economic Outlook Survey of HVACR manufacturers identified that new construction was the largest market driver heading into 2019. Of the respondents, 45% cited new construction as the growth engine for the industry.

Where Does HVAC Field Service Software Come in?

With growth in the HVACR sector, service managers are looking for every advantage they can get. They want a solution for:

Fieldpoint’s field service management software is designed for the HVACR industry. It’s a one-stop shop for all things service, helping service organizations deliver exceptional service to their customers. Fieldpoint has the best field service software solution for those in the HVACR space who are looking for a mobile approach to service delivery. With our field service mobile app, technicians in the field are connected like never before to head offices. As the industry continues to grow, connectivity will be a focus on service leaders, and Fieldpoint is at the leading edge of connective technology.

A Comprehensive Field Service Software Solution

Visitors coming to the software pavilion at this year’s AHR Expo are looking for different kinds of software. They want to grow their organization’s efficiency, revenue, and profitability, while also meeting the demands of their customers. A recurring trend with HVACR business software is finding solutions for multiple problems. Organizations are working with multiple software to fix all of their problems when they should be really looking for one HVAC software solution.

HVACR organizations are now looking for one software that can handle all of their needs. They want HVAC software that automates their work order creation, making scheduling technicians easy with calendars and resource routing tools, and empowers their technicians with a field service mobile app in the field. It’s not enough for software to handle one aspect of the job, so Fieldpoint’s field service software has been built to cover all the aspects of service delivery.

HVAC Installation Software and Job Costing

As the industry continues to thrive on the back of new installation, HVACR organizations are needing a system to better deliver those new installations and construction. When completing an installation project, there are plenty of moving parts that need to be addressed.

  • Quoting for the new unit
  • Buying parts and equipment
  • Allocating resources and equipment to the job site
  • Setting up billing parameters throughout the project
  • Ensuring the project is staying on time and on budget

With Fieldpoint’s HVAC field service software, we can meet the demand of today’s toughest installations. Our field service management software will help you plan the resources, budgets and personnel you need to complete the installation. Scheduling your technicians quickly, have parts and equipment ordered and on-site, and make sure your cash flow is solid through the life of the project.

Expanded Workforce with Subcontractor Management

The HVAC industry is seeing plenty of growth, but one of the challenges is finding the man-power to complete all the work. It’s no secret that skilled technicians are becoming harder to find, and HVAC managers are having to look beyond their own workforce. That’s why industry leaders are turning to subcontractors to help fill in the gaps in service. The best field service software solutions are coming with subcontractor management tools. They are making it easy to onboard subcontractors, schedule and dispatch them work orders and after completion, and get them paid.

Fieldpoint’s subcontractor management software makes handling subcontractors and third-party vendors as simple as handling your own. Use workforce management portals, such as Service Channel and WorkMarket to get your jobs to the open market and have subcontractors bid on jobs. The best part is, all of this is completed without leaving the Fieldpoint field service software. Communicate directly with them and use the field service mobile app to have them complete jobs using advanced checklists. When the job is complete, integrations with CRM, ERP and accounting systems will make it easy to create payment vouchers and get them paid immediately.

Don’t lose out on jobs because you didn’t have the best field service software to help you handle your technician shortage. With mobile field service software, your subcontractors are an extension of your workforce. They follow your guidelines, ensuring that standards remain high, even when the work is being outsourced.

The Future of Field Service is with Fieldpoint

Fieldpoint will be available at the AHR Expo this year in Exhibit Hall B, Booth B4765. Come by and see what the future has to hold for HVAC field service management software and how our HVAC software will offer a full solution to your service delivery needs.

With 25 years in the HVAC business, work with a company that understands the needs and demands of the industry. And one that customizes their software to fit your needs and your business’s approach to field service. With such many new advances in field service, from IoT, to Augmented Reality, to new mobile routing tool solutions, Fieldpoint has the tools you will need to succeed. Use an all-in-one approach to field service delivery with the best field service software today.