Mistakes HVAC Service Organization Can Avoid with Field Service Software

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Last updated Jan 15, 2020 at 9:37AM | Published on Aug 7, 2018 | Blog, Contract Management, HVAC

HVAC field service organizations are under plenty of pressure in today’s competitive service industry, as more companies are entering the space, new technology is being developed and deployed, and customers have higher expectations for service than ever before.

There are plenty of things that HVAC organizations do right, but there are also a few mistakes they’re making that are costing them customers, time, and revenue. HVAC field service software is offering a solution to cure all the problems of HVAC companies in this new competitive landscape. Here are just a few of the mistakes HVAC organizations are making and how an HVAC field service management software can help.

Mistake: Losing Sight of Customers

The most important thing to any HVAC field service organization is their customers. Without customers, there is no business. But sometimes they lose sight of customers when they’re focused on driving profits when the reality is, profits are driven from satisfied customers. The most profitable customers are generally long-term ones, and it’s shortsighted to make decisions that chase profit, as opposed to a positive customer experience.

To improve the customer experience, invest in an HVAC field service software that can support any preventative maintenance contracts. The last thing any service organization wants to do is to miss a service call. Work order automation allows them to ensure that all work orders for PMs are created with applicable checklists for inspections. Then, dispatchers can make sure the call is scheduled on-time and adheres to the customer’s contract.

Mistake: Not Investing in HVAC Field Service Software

As technology in the industry changes, so too must the companies involved. HVAC field service software is used by many in the HVAC space. If an organization chooses to do things the old-fashioned way and does not use field service software, they’re mistaken to think they can maintain high service call numbers and the same levels of customer satisfaction as their competitors.

With HVAC field service management software, they’ll have access to plenty of work order management tools, mobile field service apps, dispatch software, and powerful reporting and analytical tools to help boost revenue. HVAC field service software removes the time-consuming manual processes, either with paper work orders or whiteboards for scheduling, and replaces them with a fully automated system that can ensure fast service and a more efficient workforce.

Mistake: Not Understanding What Makes the Organization Great

Some organizations say yes to every service call they can take whether or not its their bread and butter. But not all revenue is good revenue because the margin might not be enough to warrant having a technician go out of their way to complete a service call. This takes them away from doing the things at which the HVAC excels.

To tap the potential of new markets and services without taking away from the main source of revenue and tying up technicians, organizations can always seek subcontractors to fulfill additional opportunities. Subcontractors can be managed in an HVAC field service software. Like any in-house technician, dispatchers can schedule and send work orders to subcontractors in the field through the mobile app, along with detailed instructions for the call. Work orders can be completed quickly and returned to head office, and vouchers are created to pay the subcontractorall from within one software solution.

Mistake: Not Keeping an Eye On Data

Data is an important part of any field service organization. It can be the deciding factor in many situations, or help organizations minimize any revenue leakage or dispatching techniques that may be costing them time and money. An important consideration is that data is only as good as how recently it’s been pulled. Trying to make business decisions with data that is weeks or months old means an organization is always playing catch-up to their problems.

With an HVAC field service software and a business intelligence module (reporting), organizations get real-time data straight from the field. The ability to customize the data by building reports and dashboards helps them narrow down as many problems as possible while giving them the ability to make real-time business decisions that will have meaningful impact on their operations.

HVAC Field Service Software Fosters Productivity

Increasing effiency and productivity should start with a software solution that will improve what an organization does first and foremost–field service. HVAC field service management software comes with the tools needed to foster the productivity HVAC organizations need to drive against the competition and open new streams for future growth.