Optimize Your Field Service Management with Fieldpoint’s QuickBooks Integration

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Last updated Oct 1, 2018 at 12:08PM | Published on Oct 1, 2018 | Blog, Contract Management, HVAC

When it comes to relying on a field service management software to help your service delivery achieve greater efficiency, it’s not just as simple as buying a software and letting it handle your field service management. There are many different options involved and other software that has to be thought about before any organization is up and running. And one of those options is the integration to CRM, ERP and accounting systems.

There are options available for field service organization, but one of the main choices is with QuickBooks, an accounting software that is widely used, especially in the HVAC industry, and one that comes with options to make a field service management software a full-service solution that helps service delivery from beginning to end.

With any integration, the point is to have a seamless workflow between two software systems. Fieldpoint has done just that with our QuickBooks integration, offering touch of a button options for importing and exporting batches of invoices, customer and product data and job information. QuickBooks comes out-of-the-box ready to work with Fieldpoint’s field service management software and is able to handle the day to day use of small-medium business and enterprises in the HVAC, Industrial Equipment, Facilities Maintenance and Fire and Life Safety industries.

QuickBooks Integrations Streamlines Data Flow to Field Service Software

When your field service organization decides to use Fieldpoint’s field service software, your use of QuickBooks will be very important to get your field service management software ready to handle your service delivery challenges. Data needs to be integrated and flow from your accounting software and into Fieldpoint. Loads of data must be imported into Fieldpoint in order to have a complete and accurate list of customers, products, pricing, tax and job information, and any major data that will be utilized in your field service software.

With a click-of-a-button, that data is imported from QuickBooks and into your field service software, giving your dispatchers access to customer data to complete work orders, contracts and installation projects. It’s a fast and accurate way for your field service dispatchers and your accountants to use the same information, data and knowledge and know it is accurate because it’s coming straight from another software. It streamlines the process and ensures the information is the right information, and any changes that are made can be imported quickly to ensure that it is always the right information available.

Improved Billing and Cash Flow with QuickBooks Integration

With any integrations into an accounting software, one of the most important functions is turn work orders into invoices quickly in order to improve billing times within the organization, get invoices to customers faster, and improve the company’s cash flow in the process.

Delivering exceptional service is great and what a field service management software like Fieldpoint will help do, but if your invoicing practices don’t also keep up with the speed of your service delivery, it’s not a complete end-to-end solution and your organization is still behind.

With Fieldpoint’s integration with QuickBooks, invoices can be exported from Fieldpoint in batches and imported into QuickBooks for quick invoice creation. This means that invoices can be created for services delivered with a simple click, using the streamline connection built by the integration to improve the rate of speed at which work orders are turned around.

It’s a drastic change for many field service organizations who will see their invoice delivery become same day or faster, as opposed to waiting days or weeks for paper-based work orders to be turned into an invoice and sent to the customer. All the information is simply imported in QuickBooks from the field service software and accountants can turn out invoices within minutes. This will improve the cash flow of the organization, as they aren’t waiting weeks just for the invoice to go out, but instead are on top of billing because of the batch creation from Fieldpoint.

Change Your Business with a Field Service Software

If you’re a field service organization using QuickBooks, your first decision should be to get a field service management software that will truly revolutionize your organization. It’s important that your field service software has all the tools you need to succeed, which is why we believe you should first start with your field service software. Your business is service delivery, so why would you start with a software that isn’t designed to handle service delivery?

Fieldpoint’s field service software comes with plenty of tools to change your business, such as work order management tools, contract automation, advanced scheduling and dispatch, quoting, project management and job costing, Business Intelligence analytical reporting tools and the field service mobile app. And then we integrate with plenty of CRM, ERP and accounting systems, with QuickBooks being one of our out-of-box integrations.

That way, you start with the tool that will help you schedule your technicians more efficiently and take away many of their manual processes and replace them with electronic work orders that can be completed using the mobile app on a mobile device. Manage your preventative maintenance contracts and ensure no invoice for any monthly or bi-monthly contract is miss with a click-of-a-button invoice batch export from Fieldpoint and import into QuickBooks.

It’s creating a best-of-bread service software. Fieldpoint’s field service management software has plenty of powerful tools to help you run a more streamlined and efficient service organization, but it needs the information and data from QuickBooks to feed it all the information to get started, while also handling all the complex billing and invoicing issues that it is designed to handle.

Don’t settle for mediocre service delivery, ineffective technician scheduling practices and slow invoice creation. Look towards Fieldpoint’s field service management software and our integration with QuickBooks and get powerful service delivery platform that will truly change the way you deliver service to your customers.