Why You Should Use HVAC Field Service Management Software with QuickBooks?

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:26PM | Published on Feb 22, 2019 | Blog, Financial Management, SMB

Every HVAC business needs an accounting software. QuickBooks is one of the most used in the industry and is used by large enterprises and small businesses. Just like any other accounting software, QuickBooks is integrated into Fieldpoint’s field service management software. So, if that is the accounting software of your choice, Fieldpoint is ready to make it work with our field service software for an all-in-one solution.

With Fieldpoint’s Data Transfer Service, QuickBooks and Fieldpoint become a connected unit. Together, they form your complete field service management software that will help you:

  • Import customers and products
  • Invoice faster
  • Help complete contracts and projects
  • Keep your departments synchronized

Field service management software with QuickBooks is perfect for the HVAC business that wants to maintain their accounting system but add the power of a field service software. The benefits of using Fieldpoint and QuickBooks are noticeable, but it’s what you are getting as a combined unit that makes the integration worth it all. Here are some of the reasons you should be using an HVAC field service management software with QuickBooks.

Keep Your Existing Accounting System

Adding a field service management software to your organization can be a huge step forward in your business, but many accountants worry that means they will have to change their accounting software as well. With Fieldpoint’s integrations to ERP, CRM and accounting systems, that isn’t the case, as QuickBooks is one of Fieldpoint’s out-of-the-box integrations. That means, all your history in QuickBooks becomes part of your field service management software.

It can be expensive to change accounting systems and retrain staff and get things up and running. But with Fieldpoint, with a few clicks, that integration between your field service management software and QuickBooks is active. You shouldn’t have to change your accounting system when you get a field service management software. And with Fieldpoint’s data transfer service and integration to QuickBooks, you don’t have it.

An All-In-One Field Service Management Solution

Field service management software with QuickBooks goes hand-in-hand. They need each other to succeed. Without an accounting system, customer names, products, pricing and information in QuickBooks can’t populate the field service management software. And without a strong HVAC field service software to improve delivery of service in the field, you won’t be able to automate the billing process.

What you are creating when you purchase a field service management software with QuickBooks integration is an all-in-one field service management solution. Every piece of software that makes your business successful can be integrated into Fieldpoint and QuickBooks is at the top of that list. Don’t change what is already working in your business, but rather, enhance it. Take your field service delivery to the next level with all the functionality of a field service management software and get invoices to your customers faster with the integration to QuickBooks. When Fieldpoint thinks of a complete solution to the HVAC industries problems, it includes accounting, ERP and CRM systems. It must, and that is why Fieldpoint comes out-of-the-box ready to integrate with your QuickBooks system to build that all-in-one solution to tackle your largest problems.

Automate Invoicing

Obviously, one of the major benefits of an integrated field service management software with QuickBooks is faster, automated invoicing. HVAC organizations want to get their invoices to their customers quicker. This will help improve their cash flow, get their inventory balanced and get bills paid quicker. From the field, technicians can use the field service mobile app to complete work orders and send them back to the head office. Once completed, they are ready to be invoiced, and large batches of invoices can be produced with just a simple click.

Take an entire days worth of invoices and automate the process so they turn from work orders in Fieldpoint to invoices in QuickBooks. Get them back to your customers, and get bills paid faster. That’s the power of a field service management software with QuickBooks, it takes the lengthy bill payment process and condenses it. No more waiting for work orders to be processed when they return to the head office. No more waiting for those closed work orders to be signed off on for invoicing. Immediately have them closed, let the field service software handle the billing calculations, and get invoices generated fast in QuickBooks.

Get the Full Field Service Management Experience

The best part of using a field service management software with QuickBooks is that you get a field service management software. It may seem like an obvious benefit, but as we mentioned before, you don’t need to change your accounting software when adding Fieldpoint, but you do get all the functionality of Fieldpoint.

It’s everything an HVAC business would need to succeed in today’s competitive service landscape. With a field service management software, they are now getting:

  • Work order management system
  • Scheduling and dispatch software
  • Quoting and job costing tools
  • Contract and project management abilities
  • Field service mobile apps

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what HVAC businesses are getting with a field service management software with QuickBooks. A field service organization will see their first-time fix rates increase, will utilize their technicians better and increase the number of service calls they take. It’s about revolutionizing their business from every aspect, but still having it integrated with their accounting system.

Streamline Your Field Service Operation with QuickBooks Integration

With push of a button capabilities, take your field service department to a new level with a field service management software, and streamline your entire business with an integration with QuickBooks. Don’t make the choice of one or the other. Use both software solutions that makes your business run. Get a built-in integration that is trusted and ready to automate your invoicing and populate your field service software with the push of a button.

Fieldpoint is ready to handle any needs in the HVAC industry, and even more so with customers who have QuickBooks as the backstop of their accounting department. Let us show you how our integration works and making our field service management software with QuickBooks a part of your team.