Why Is Serviceability About More Than Service Calls?

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Last updated Mar 16, 2020 at 5:03PM | Published on Nov 20, 2012 | Blog, Field Service, Telecom

Ask people what serviceability means and you’re bound to get plenty of blank stares.

So here’s a succinct definition from a blog post on Avaya’s website: “Serviceability refers to not just maintenance support, but also the installation and configuration of the product.”

While fixing broken products is certainly important, a service provider needs to apply the same level of energy to the installation and configuration process of equipment. This will lead to serviceability.

Field services companies must be able to demonstrate that they’re on time and on budget for installations and that the customer is happy with the timing and configurations. This effort requires software applications that are integrated.

That way, if the company needs to take a technician off a service call to fix an installation emergency, all the people and processes that are affected will be notified through this system.

For example, the Avaya post highlights a softphone that provides enterprise users with simpler access to everyday communication tools, including a serviceability feature that automatically attaches logs for emails sent to their IT support team.

“For those of you who have attempted to troubleshoot issues on a user’s desktop, you know how hard it can be to arrange for remote access and permissions to grab the necessary logs,” writes Carl Knerr, director of technical readiness and serviceability engineering for Avaya. “This feature simplifies this for everyone involved.”

Source: Avaya, September 2012