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Last updated Aug 20, 2020 at 10:57AM | Published on Aug 31, 2017 | Blog, Mobile App & Checklist

Field service software can do a lot of things, but one thing it can’t replace is your technician’s interaction with customers. Through the Internet of Things technology, preventative maintenance schedules, and past repair history, technicians can learn a lot about an upcoming job before they get to the job site. But often first-hand information from the customer is what really will decide what needs to be addressed. With your technicians, often being the face of the organization, they are who customers see every day, dealing with growing escalations and concerns, and are walking into a customer’s space not fully knowing the situation at hand. So, while no field service application can speak to a customer directly, it can be a helpful tool for your technicians to bring a service call to a quick resolution, while keeping your customers satisfied.

Bearing that in mind, here are four things a field service software can help a technician bring to a customer.

The Customer’s Confidence

Customers want to know who they are getting to fix their problem is the best-qualified person for the job. No one wants to feel second best, and the demand for high-quality work is growing. Customers simply want to feel confident that the work is going to be completed on-time and without delay, removing the worry out of their day about a piece of equipment. Dispatch can assure a customer they are getting the right technician with skill search features. Need a certain certification to do the work? Select only your workers who have that certification and see their schedule to view their availability. A customer’s confidence will grow knowing the person they are getting is exactly the right one for the job.

Quality of Service Delivery

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With the demand for high-quality service growing, customers are not as loyal as they use to be. They now have higher standards and want perfection on every visit. To maintain a level of quality, field service software has many tools to ensure the work is done to the highest standard. Checklists can be applied to work orders that have strict requirements for technicians to complete a job. Take photos, scan barcodes for equipment history, and provide required detailed information to make sure standards are met.

The Trust Factor

Customers want to trust the people coming on-site to fix a problem. It’s the nature in which all relationships are built. Building a positive, trustful relationship with your clients can lead to more engagement with the technician and the field service company. While a field service software can’t alter a person’s personality, it can help in making them a trusted source of information and valued technician with their ability to fix problems. Through mobility, technicians can have detailed instructions sent to them on how to fix a piece of equipment, with the aim being the first-time fix. It builds trust in a company if their technician can get the job done right the first time and answer all questions quickly.

Respect and Courtesy

Customers want to feel like their time and money is valuable when they select a field service company to do work for them. It’s up to those in the field service industry to give them that respect. Field service applications can help during the scheduling process, by showing the geographical location of all their technicians to select the one that is closest to the job, alleviating that dreaded ‘between the hours of’ comment that customers hate to hear and wait for.

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