Improvements in Your Field Service Management Strategy

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Last updated Mar 16, 2020 at 10:24AM | Published on Mar 26, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, Technology Trends

Ways to improve the worst part of field service

Everyone has a favorite and least favorite part of their job, and field service technicians are no exception. In a recent survey conducted by The Service Council, 77% of technicians said the best part of their day was solving customer problems, which is exactly the answer any service manager would want to hear, as that’s the bread and butter of their business.

Also included were positives for dealing with customers, fixing and repairing things, and learning about new tools and technologies, indicating that doing the actual repair work, whether that be on an HVAC unit, a piece of industrial equipment, or any field service industry for that matter, is not a problem to technicians and they generally are happy about their day-to-day lives.

The worse parts of a technician’s day, however, can be solved with the addition of a field service management software, as it will make their day-to-day tasks easier, and increase the enjoyment even more of their job.

Reducing the time spent on paperwork and administrative tasks

The largest complaint of field service technicians is the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks they need to complete each job. That could be filling out work orders, part requisitions, quotes, inspection checklists and time sheets. Of those technicians surveyed, 46% said paperwork and administrative tasks are the worst part of their day, as it can take up a sizable portion of their time that could be spent doing the things they enjoy about their job, which would be the actual problem solving and repair work.

By implementing a field service management software, paperwork and administrative tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently, especially when deployed with a mobile field service management application. Technicians wouldn’t need to fill out paperwork orders, or call congested call centers to relay information, but instead can utilize a mobile field service app to input all their information, including any work order data, time and expenses for a service call, and they can complete quotes, time sheets, and inspection checklists, all from one device.

With less time spent on administrative work, your field service technicians will be happier in their day-to-day lives, while at the same time, the extra time can be spent fixing issues and attending service calls, which will improve the business bottom line.

Lack of information at the ready

When a technician needs information, whether it be instructions on a repair, a price for a customer, or details on how to get to the next service call, it can be a frustrating part of the day when that information is available to them when they need it. Of those surveyed, 29% said time spent looking for information was the worst part of their day, as it takes them away from completing the repair, or moving on to the next service call.

Field service management software gives them full access to all information, especially when coupled with a mobile field service management application. From their mobile device, technicians can access repair manuals and guides for individual pieces of equipment, they can look up the service history for a customer before they get to the job site, and they can access any pricing or inventory information straight from their mobile device.

A mobile field service management application gives the technician in the field full access to the field service software and all the information they would need to complete repairs quickly and close out service calls. The worst part of a technician’s day can be solved with a field service software solution which mitigates the negatives of the day-to-day operations of a technician and focuses on the positives and how to keep technicians doing what they love to do the most.