Streamline Your Business With a Mobile Checklist

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Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:25PM | Published on Jun 3, 2019 | Blog, Field Service, Mobile App & Checklist

There is no doubt that field service software and work order management can have a positive impact on your business. For companies receiving large quantities of service calls, those are two of the resources that allow tasks to run more smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. But did you know that you can also benefit significantly from mobile checklists for field service management? In a day and age when companies are expected to provide quick and effective customer service solutions, tools like these checklists are a must.

The key is to find a system that will focus on the needs of the customer. Mobile checklist solutions do just that, providing everything that sheets of paper would, but on your handheld device. With over 60% of field service operations requiring team members to bring their devices into the field with them, you can bet that these features are making a big impact for businesses everywhere. Find out more about our mobile field service app feature below.

Ensuring Everything is Completed Efficiently

Mobile checklists for field service management help workers streamline their job, ensuring they do not miss any steps along the way. Not only is everything sure to be completed, but workers will get it done in an efficient and timely manner, as well. Technicians are sure to stay on task with this well-organized system, and they can easily keep track of any special requests from the customer, too. Check off task boxes, take before and after photos, and collect a signature to relieve any stress about leaving a job without an important piece of information.

Also, transfer any data collected offline onto the app and create a seamless integration from paper to mobile. Whether your employees have worked in the service industry for only a handful of years or for decades, mobile checklists will help them optimize each job site visited. With a number of other features found through the app’s checklists, it is truly a win all around.

Painless Documentation

Mobile checklists allow for easy ways to document time and make notes of anything the technician may need to access in the future; you can choose to use the microphone, type out the notes yourself, or do a combination of both.  Some checklists even require the employee to add certain data before the next step is generated, including an advanced feature that creates additional questions or tasks based on the answers entered. Follow each job’s to-do list as you progress through the day, and easily document the amount of time spent on each task to create an accurate and streamlined payment process.

Once you enter our mobile app, the map will lead you to a list of the current week’s appointments. Click the green “Start” button inside the individual job and work without worry as the stopwatch keeps running until you are finished. Then, follow along as the mobile checklist guides you through the final steps that help ensure both you and your client will be satisfied in the end.

Built for Every Company

We do our best to make our checklists customizable and easy to modify so that you can build a system that works best for your company’s needs. In no time, you can figure out what layout or setup is good for you and your team members, so you can start reaping great results as soon as possible.

Easily produce error-free checklists for services such as HVAC and refrigeration maintenance trips, fire and life safety compliance reports, inspections, and more that can be navigated by everyone at the company and can leave customers satisfied. There is no doubt that efficient workers make consumers happy, so do what you can to guarantee a long list of satisfied customers today.

Work With Fieldpoint and our Mobile Checklists

By utilizing mobile checklists for field service management, as well as other innovative solutions for field service technology, you can make a huge impact on your company’s overall success. Never again will a work order get closed without a completed step when you use this tool, one of the many on our mobile field service app that syncs your company like never before. Take the first step and get started with the team at Fieldpoint today.