Last updated Feb 10, 2020 at 4:42PM | Published on Feb 13, 2014 | Blog, Field Service, Project and Job Costing

DelMondeDel-Monde Heating & Air Conditioning goes live with Job Costing and Field Service Management Software with Microsoft Dynamics GP integration

Since 1982 Del-Monde has been installing HVAC systems throughout the Midwest. They have installed over 100,000 systems for wide range of customers. Much of their work is with homebuilders, but have an expanding presence in the consumer market so homemakers can benefit from the expertise that local builders have enjoyed for decades. As Del-Monde expands into new markets they understood that their service business processes would become more complex, jobs would need closer monitoring, and customer service levels would need to be maintained. To do this, new business software would be required. It also had to be web based so employees and subs could have access from the jobsite 24 x7, 365 days a year. Del-Monde does not have the IT infrastructure to support that service level so they chose a cloud based solution. Fieldpoint service management and Microsoft Dynamics GP for financials was the chosen cloud based solution.

  1. To support home builders more effectively Del-Monde took advantage of Fieldpoint site import features –
    1. This way customers could send them a list of site addresses to be electronically imported into their field service management software.
    2. A  work order for each site is now automatically generated and attached to the main job.
    3. A site kitting process was also implemented to make sure each install had the right components.
    4. Site work orders also allowed the project team to schedule resources and equipment for each new build, while letting the main job aggregate all revenue and expenses for complete analysis automatically.
  2. Del-Monde now uses the new job management and costing system to track labor, materials, and ordering equipment.
    1. Fieldpoint’s standard integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory/purchasing streamlines vendor orders and receipt notification.
    2. The integration to GP customer billing applications allows milestone invoices, maintenance, and field service invoices to get out on time, every time.
  3. Resource management, payroll, and managing subcontractors is now handled by the new field service dispatching system, timesheet management to payroll, and creating payable vouchers into GP to pay vendors.