Field Service Management Software – Dispatch to Automation for HVAC Companies

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Last updated Oct 8, 2020 at 2:15PM | Published on Jul 10, 2017 | Blog, HVAC

Communication between the dispatch team and the field service technician in the HVAC industry needs to be in a seamless line. With calls coming in for break and fix issues, or projects to undertake, high call volume is a regular occurrence, especially with field service technicians needing instructions from the dispatcher about their next call, or a request for parts. This makes sense only if you can put more of that critical information in the field service technician’s hand, and automate the scheduling process. Dispatch can spend more time fielding calls from customers, while technicians don’t need to wait for simple answers.

Fieldpoint’s field service management software automates the scheduling process, ensuring the right technician with the appropriate skillset is sent to the correct job. Once a work order is created, the dispatcher simply drops the work order into the schedule of the available field service technician. Instantly, that tech can see the new work order on their  mobile device via a field service app and can begin to enter time, travel, expenses and parts, close out the call and collect a signature right at the job site

This seamless bridge between dispatch and the field service technician is instant and requires virtually no communication between the two to complete the call. It eliminates any margin of error between the two, due to a lack of communication or missed orders, as any information, parts or checklists the HVAC technician would need will be in the created work order.

It’s as simple as drag and drop for a dispatcher, who can access their field service software and view each technician’s schedule, what other calls they have, and what areas they are working in geographically, ensuring the right technician is getting to the call on time.


See the Entire Spectrum of Your WorkForce Schedule

Sometimes you can’t predict when an HVAC system will fail, and it could be for a critical client who needs a repair as soon as possible, sometimes hours of the break. Dispatch, with their scheduling window open, can see what job every HVAC contractor is scheduled for, and who can make that service call. Within Fieldpoint’s FSM Software, the dispatcher can move technicians off one job and to another and shift another to finish the originally scheduled job. Subsequently, an email can be sent to the customer informing them of any updates, changes and who to expect.

It also allows you to look at the HVAC technicians who aren’t scheduled for regular repairs, but those working on projects, such as installations of HVAC systems. If needed, a dispatcher can shift a project contractor into a service role in times of high call volume or severity.

By being able to see the breadth of schedules within your company, you can ensure that whether a regular repair or a severity call comes in, moving the right people into the right places can be done quickly, with very little need to communicate directly with the HVAC technicians.