Field Service App for Technicians and Subcontractors

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Last updated Apr 10, 2019 at 9:27AM | Published on May 30, 2017 | Blog, Mobile App & Checklist

Providing a field service mobile application for teams of technicians and subcontractors is almost critical in the modern era of service delivery. With a field service app, one of the key areas of efficiency is reducing the cost of service delivery to your clients. Traditionally you would have a call center where you could receive service calls, and then dispatchers would reach out to technicians to schedule. There would be reporting back on completion of the call, so a work order could potentially have 6 to 10 physical contacts between resources, a dispatch center, and a technician, to resolve a single service issue. Now we have automated taking the service call, dispatching the call or selecting a resource, we then push that out electronically into a mobile application, thereby already reducing the touchpoints from person to person to deliver that service.

The field service app needs to be in the bring your own device world. It should be something you can download from the app stores and self-learning. We can’t expect a subcontractor to take a formalized training course on how to use a field service app. The simplicity of that app delivering those complex service delivery requirements is paramount.

That’s what we have built into the Fieldpoint field service app, where we have customers exclusively using third parties. When resources employ the field service app, they found over 50% of a reduction of activity into their call center on day one. Here we have massive cost savings. And so thereby, by utilizing the mobile technology, our clients are growing their businesses without increasing administrative staff. Before the mobile solution, the call center did not have 50% additional capacity for that business to grow. Or we could redeploy some of that dispatching resource into more customer service-oriented activity. This helps our clients achieve competitive advantage over other players in the space who don’t have access to that level of technology.