Aegis Chemical and Service Delivery with Fieldpoint Scheduling Software

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Last updated Aug 13, 2019 at 4:46PM | Published on Jul 17, 2017 | Blog, Case Studies, Field Service, Oil and Gas

Aegis Chemical and Service Delivery with Fieldpoint Scheduling Software

With thousands of recurring field service work orders generated every month, Aegis Chemical Solutions’ (Aegis) long-term goals of providing quality customer service, while also reducing costs and minimizing any time wasted, ran a risk of not being met.

As a provider of high-quality chemical treatment and technical services for oilfield applications, the Houston, Texas based company needed to make a change to how they worked in the field, and how those work orders turned around into invoices. With a two- to three-day turnaround, after a service call was completed to create the invoice, cash flow needed an improvement, and a new system identified.

Going the digital route, complete with mobile applications, Aegis has seen the real-time benefits of a field service software, as invoicing is now done in real time, while field technicians are now able to capture more information, such as inventory logs, photos, and signatures, which updates back at the office instantaneously.

“The Fieldpoint solution, complemented by the field service app, has given us an improved ability to process field activities in real time and has made us more efficient,” said Marty Resweber, IT Director, Aegis. “It also has allowed a reduction in billing errors. Through these two areas, we have reduced accounting time spent on invoice error correction, and have reduced the time between activity completion and invoicing.”

Aegis migrated away from a complicated system that required highly skilled competency and training, which brought heavy costs to make improvements. Work orders in the previous system were generated automatically, but scheduling delivery dates and making changes to future deliveries was very time-consuming.

Field Service SoftwareInstead, replaced by Fieldpoint’s field service software, the customer delivery agreements are now entered into Fieldpoint, and through some customization, preventative maintenance scheduling functionality was built in to ensure customer work orders were generated on their particular recurring delivery dates, allowing Aegis to generate work orders on a schedule that they choose, and can make changes as needed.

Fieldpoint designed and built the infrastructure within the application so Aegis could continue to define flexible recurring schedules. Whereas this kind of change in scheduling previously required several hours, it’s now done in a few seconds.

“The key success factor here was that all the service application requirements are met and the team at Fieldpoint understands the unique challenges that Aegis faced in their industry,” said Resweber. “They displayed a high degree of certainty on how the field service software would solve problems and help Aegis achieve their benchmarks, reduce costs, time consumption, boost efficiency and performance.”

With over a dozen resources now utilizing the software with minimal support, Aegis’ goal of reducing costs and minimizing time wasted is well on its way to being achieved.

Mobility has helped address the issue of handling the daily word order volume and real-time updates, and presently, technicians at Aegis have access to information like customer history, location and the type of service delivery agreement they have. The mobile field service app can capture photos and signatures, while work orders are being closed off on-site, generating an invoice in less than a minute in real time.

“Using the mobile field service app, we can capture more data than previously capable,” said Resweber. “This (allows) for improved business analysis, and ultimately more informed decision making.”

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