What Are the Top HVAC Field Service Software Selection Criteria?

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Last updated Jan 6, 2020 at 2:02PM | Published on Aug 23, 2018 | Blog, HVAC

In today’s market place, there is an HVAC field service software for every type and size of field service company. That can be a great thing, as it means there are plenty of options available with different solutions to solve your needs. But, it can also cause some stress when trying to decide which software solution you want to implement in your organization and how to go about doing that.

Evaluating software is time-consuming and you need to know the right questions heading into it before you can make the right decision that will best suit your needs and customers. Questions like: What functionality do you need? Should you automate your service delivery? What’s the best fit for your organization?

It’s a process to get the right HVAC field service software in place and not every business will need the same type of modules and systems. Some will want just a better work order management system to automate their work order process, while others will want advanced tools for handling their preventative maintenance contracts and installation projects.

So, before you go testing solutions and spending dollars on HVAC field service software, ask yourself, “What’s the major criteria that will tick off my list for a software to be a perfect fit?” There are plenty of simple questions to ask around work orders, modules and field service mobile apps, but there are some other larger criteria you should consider in the process.

Does Your HVAC Field Service Software Integrate into Your Back-Office Systems?

An HVAC field service software won’t be the only software your organization will use. Think about all the software being used in your back office, from accounting programs, to ERP and CRM systems, to even software for calibrations and readings on HVAC units. Those are all software solutions designed to help that part of the business, but it would be great if they could also work with your HVAC field service software to offer a full end-to-end solution.

That’s why integrations are so important, because without them, you’re severally limited in the amount of automation you can achieve. If your HVAC field service software isn’t connected to your accounting system, you can’t automate the billing from the field. It would require additional steps to get the work order information off your field service management software and manually input it into your accounting software.

Most HVAC field service software solutions today require an accounting, ERP and CRM system integration, as they draw all the customer information and inventory from those systems and brings them over to be used in the field service software. With the integration, multiple programs are working together, speaking the same language, and cutting down on the amount of manual input that would need to be done by anyone in the back office. That frees up their administration time that can open them up to doing other tasks.

Does Your HVAC Field Service Software Support Multiple Objectives?

More than likely, you have more than one reason to get an HVAC field service software. Even if all your organization does is preventative maintenance, there is work order automation, handling those contracts, scheduling and dispatch, analytics to ensure service delivery is kept to a high standard and of course, billing for the services completed. It’s not just a one step process when it comes to service delivery in the HVAC space, and when you add in other services, such as emergency break/fix repairs, warranty work and installation projects, you will need a software solution that can support the many different streams of revenue and the multiple objectives your organization has.

With a proper HVAC field service management software, you should be able to not only achieve success in the areas you excel at, but also can open up new revenue streams with the many different modules available. As mentioned before, even if your HVAC company does one thing, there are still many different objectives that an HVAC field service software can help you with and improve.

That’s why it is important when going through the selection process to think behind the simple scope of what your organization offers, and into the realm of, what do you want to offer, what do we offer today, and how can we offer it better tomorrow.

Does Your HVAC Field Service Software Provider Have Proven Experience?

One important criteria to think about has nothing to do with the software itself, but rather the people that provide it. HVAC Field service software, just like the industry itself, is complex and requires an expert in the field. Your customers wouldn’t hire a service contractor who isn’t an expert in repairing HVAC units, and you shouldn’t buy a software from someone who doesn’t understand your business practices, the industry needs and demands, and what will help you succeed in the future.

With plenty of options available in the field service software marketplace, it’s not enough just to have a bunch of modules or good-looking software, especially if the functionality isn’t there. Ensure that the software you are buying is from someone who understands the business and is made for the HVAC space, rather than trying to adopt a solution that wasn’t made with your needs in mind.

HVAC Field Service Software Use Continues to Evolve

Evaluating software is a process and should be a constant process even after you implement the software. Software, like the HVAC industry, continues to evolve, and so should you and how you use an HVAC field service software. Don’t get stuck thinking there isn’t a solution for something new you want to try or a new door to open for business opportunities.

With new features and technology being developed every day, you’ll need a field service management software provider that not only holds up to the challenges and needs of your service department today, but also one that is ready to take on the challenges of the HVAC industry in the future, without you needing to spend even more time and money on another solution.


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