What is the Main Selection Criteria For Field Service Management Software?

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Last updated Feb 10, 2020 at 3:54PM | Published on Jun 6, 2018 | Blog, Field Service, Oil and Gas, Technology Trends

No matter the size of your field service organization, there is a type of field service management software that is right, or can be tailored, to fit your organization’s needs. It’s a great thing if you want to automate your field service delivery, add mobile field service apps, scheduling and dispatch tools, new analytical reporting options and a work order management system, but it can also be a daunting task as the options are seemingly endless with the amount of field service software options available.

Where exactly do you start? What questions do you ask? What are some criteria that you should know about before selecting a software solution? Those are all valid questions, and with each organization having their own unique challenges, it’s not a simple answer.

At Fieldpoint, our software comes fully capable of handling all work order management problems, automating your business, adding a mobile app, and help in your dispatching of technicians and subcontractors. And there is plenty of other criteria out field service software can check off your extensive list of functions you need a software to perform. So here are some additional criteria you should think about when looking at a field service management software.

Ability To Integrate With Back Office Systems

Adding a field service management software to your organization will revolutionize your business, however, you don’t want to lose out on software that is critical to your business already, such as ERP, CRM and accounting software, amongst others. And you also don’t want to be entering information in one system, only to have to do it all over again in the other, because that is added time and expense for administrators to complete that task, when they could be off doing other things.

That’s what makes integrations so important to a field service software, such as Fieldpoint, as we want our software to work alongside your other software for a full, end-to-end, service solution. Information from your CRM and ERP systems will populate the field service software with customer and employee data, inventory and vendor information, and all your contacts. Integrations with accounting systems will ensure billing is accurate with the data coming from the field service software, including time and labor, parts and additional expenses, for detailed billing that can be completed fast.

Fieldpoint comes out-of-box ready with integrations to some popular solutions, such as NetSuite, Microsoft GP, and QuickBooks, along with many other systems and software that will enhance your business. And with an open API and our Fieldpoint Data Transfer Service, virtually any software your field service organization uses can be integrated into your field service software.

Ability To Support Multiple Objectives

Field service organizations offer all kinds of different services, from preventative maintenance contracts to installation projects, emergency break/fix, and everything in between. Some make their bread and butter just installing massive HVAC units, or entire builders of Internet infrastructure for a new office, while also don’t install at all, and just focus on the service. And some do it all, so you need a field service software that is flexible enough to bend to the demands of your organization, but strong enough to hold up to the largest challenges, projects and contracts you throw at it.

Fieldpoint’s field service software comes with a project module with job costing tools and scheduling tools to budget the entire project from start to finish. Ensure all your parts are purchased, calculate all your margins of profit and revenue, ensure technicians are schedules for each task, and have a fully detailed plan for any installation within the project module. Or if contracts are your businesses main source of income, Fieldpoint’s contract module will automate all your preventative maintenance agreements so that you never miss a schedule appointment. It will automatically generate your work orders with the parts and checklists needed to complete the work.

Software provider proven experience

Beyond what the software offers, one of the most critical questions any field service organization could ask a provider is, what is their experience in the field, and how have they proven to be a leader in the industry? It’s not an easy question to answer, and you need years of experience to build up a successful product that can help service organizations achieve their goals.

At Fieldpoint, we don’t just rely on our more than 20 years of experience, or the hundreds of customers we have helped as our way to prove we have the experience to help you. We try and add on to that every day by being with our customers for their entire implementation and beyond. With our software developers and consultants always ready to assist and build whatever you need, Fieldpoint is just a call away from getting someone on top of your organization’s needs.

And with experience in multiple industries, such as HVAC, industrial equipment, fire and life safety, facilities management, oil and gas, IT services and medical devices, plus many more, there isn’t an industry we don’t feel confident we can make your organization run more efficient with our field service management software solution.