How Field Service Software Could Revolutionize Your Business

Field Service

Last updated Nov 2, 2023 at 7:26PM | Published on Apr 22, 2019 | Field Service

Running a business has become increasingly more software-driven in order to better manage services, clients, and employees. With the right software, it can make running your business a dreamstreamlined, efficient, and with minimal room for human error. Generally, companies will merge their service management system with other types of software such as their accounting, manufacturing, and sales systems. One type of software that is becoming increasingly prevalent in industries that send employees out into the field (i.e. into other spaces to do repairs, evaluate an environment, and much more) is field service software. We’ll discuss how field service software can be advantageous to your business, what field service actually covers, and what to look for in the software you decide to ultimately go with.

What Is Field Service Software?

Essentially, field service software helps manage employees who are out in the “field” carrying out tasks for the company. Because they’re not directly overseen or supervised by senior members of the company and are completing tasks out in the field, there are plenty of variables that need to be recorded and, ultimately, supervised and controlled. There’s lots of room for human error without this software, but with it, streamlining sales and service operations becomes a much smoother, accurate, and cohesive process.

From managing field service contractors to creating mobile checklists for field service management to churning out project and job costing estimates, field service software can make a big difference when it comes to the work your employees do in the field and how much oversight and control you ultimately have.

Another added bonus is that much of this software is run through cell phones, meaning employees don’t have to carry additional, bulky equipment.

How Can Field Service Software Benefit Your Company?

The numbers speak for themselves. Around 97% of companies who are using field service management software reported that the software had a beneficial impact on the way they operated. The number of jobs finished in a day went up by almost 50%, according to businesses that have implemented field service software into their processes. Furthermore, businesses have generated 90% more customers using field service management software!

The efficiency here is clear. Around 80% of companies that used this software also said that they were able to make and complete more customer visits per day than before. The technology is also ever-changing and adapting to make it work even better for your business needs.

For example, over 60% of field service companies have implemented a “bring your own device” strategy when it comes to how their employees use the software. And half of all businesses using field service software have a customer alert feature, creating better communication with customers. If a potential change is happening in their job, the customer knows immediately, resulting in less frustration and more transparency.

What Should I Look For In the Software I Choose?

A key feature of your field service software should the ability to schedule and dispatch technicians. Customers send in job requests which you can prioritize, schedule, and assign. There should also be a feature that lets you track jobs in progress, share updates and notifications, and keep an eye on time incurred and expenses.

It’s also helpful if your software lets you generate quotes with customers on the spot (and share them), and handles much of the finances, including tracking expenses, invoicing, billing, and processing payment with customers.

The software should also handle customer management, capturing pertinent information about customers and their history, their interaction with field employees, and payment information. Ideally, your FSM software will also interface easily with different types of applications, so you can connect and share information seamlessly.

Improve and streamline your field services (and boost customer satisfaction as you do so!) with the help of field service software! You’ll find yourself amazed at the difference it makes.