How is Your HVAC Field Service Software Scheduling Your Technicians to Keep Customer Waiting Times to a Minimum?

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Last updated Jan 3, 2020 at 12:02PM | Published on Oct 12, 2017 | Blog, Field Service, HVAC

Where are your technicians? It’s a question many in the HVAC field service industry are asking, especially when customers are calling about the status of their work orders. It can be a difficult conversation to have with a customer, especially if you haven’t equipped a GPS device to your technician.

But Fieldpoint is now giving a live look into the process of completing a call, showing where a technicians are in the status of their work orders.

Work orders created in Fieldpoint HVAC service software will be assigned to a technician, and upon acceptance, will update the status of the work order to acknowledge that they have accepted the work order, are on route to the call, or are in the middle of doing the work. Should another technician take over, that status will be updated to reflect the change in personnel.

From any phase in the work order process, dispatch is able to see where the technician is in the process, giving them greater insight into the technician’s time. They can make informed decisions on scheduling the next appointment based on the status update, or inquire with the technician if the status hasn’t been updated and the service call is pending.

iStockFor HVAC organizations who deal with preventative maintenance contracts and service level agreements, a real-time look into their service organization will improve efficiency in their field service scheduling, and increase customer appreciation for being able to say with confidence that the work order has been accepted and the technician is on their way to the job site.

With the resource calendar also giving an inside look into a technician’s schedule over a day, week or month, HVAC field service software is giving more ability for organizations to schedule their technicians and keep customer wait times to a minimum. It allows dispatchers who are dealing with customers to give smaller time windows during which a technician will be available to get to their location, alleviating the dreaded large window of time that they would have to wait for the technician to show up.

That will increase retention rates in your customers, who can carry on with their regular work and not have to wait for hours for a technician to come calling.

Real-time visibility in a growing HVAC space is of much concern to many in the industry, and Fieldpoint’s field service software is offering that first-hand look at the activities and movements of work orders by your technicians, making things similar for those in dispatch management, so they can, in turn, feel confident in telling your customer exactly where your technician is in the process