Quoting with your Field Service Software Has Never Been This Lucrative!

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Last updated Jun 2, 2020 at 12:21PM | Published on May 9, 2018 | Blog, Contract Management, Field Service, HVAC

When technicians are in the field completing service as part of a regular recurring preventative maintenance plan, they may notice some additional service is required. For example, maybe motors and belts need to be replaced as part of their service plans, which require either an additional service call or additional work on the current work order. First, they must get a quote to the customer for the cost of the repair, the parts required, and the labor time.

Straight from the field, technicians can use their mobile devices to access the quoting module, add in parts, task items, and labor time, and have a quote in their customer’s hands in minutes. The technicians’ field service software comes fully integrated with their CRM systems, and quote templates can be pre-built to make quoting customers fast and simple. This is especially important if the customer’s equipment is in danger of failing without an immediate fix.

Fully automated and customizable quotes

Quoting in the field also needs to be simple and quick so that technicians don’t fumble to get a price on additional services, especially when they have a full plate of service calls to do themselves. They need to be able to add parts quickly without having to search for prices and inventory levels and attach those to the quote so that it is accurate and detailed.

With quote templates, field service organizations can build templates for quotes they typically need, which includes the parts and tasks required. All the pricing is included, margins are automatically calculated, and technicians and administrators can have the quote completed with just a few clicks.

They also have the ability to customize a quote by simply adding additional items, parts, or tasks, again with just a few clicks. The field service software will automatically adjust the pricing, revenue, and costs to give the customer a detailed and accurate quote on the spot.

Turn quotes into work orders

Quotes can be emailed to clients from within the field service software and into the client’s hands immediately. From there, customers can accept the quote and immediately approve work to be started. Once accepted, a quote can be turned into a work order through workflow controls, putting all parts and tasks on the work order to be completed. Parts can be committed to the work order, either by fulfilling a stock request or by submitting a requisition for a part to be purchased.

Quotes and existing work orders are connected to each other for easy reference, and the entire process is automated so that turning a quote into actual service work is fast and simple.

Quoting is an integral part of field service delivery. Whether you are adding additional service or quoting a break/fix repair, it’s essential for organizations and needs to be a part of their field service software experience. With the quoting module in the field service software, data entry is kept to a minimum. Parts, labor, customer profiles, and costs are all just a few clicks away from being added to a quote, limiting the chance of errors and improving accuracy.