How Mobile Technology is Changing the Field Service Industry

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Last updated Aug 20, 2020 at 10:14AM | Published on Nov 14, 2017 | Field Service

It should be a given that your field service management software comes with mobile field service app capabilities. It’s 2017, right? With mobile technology available, more and more field service organizations are taking advantage of what they can get done with a small device, as opposed to pen and paper.

Here are some statistics on field service mobile apps, and how mobile technology is changing the field service industry.

The smartphone or handheld is the primary communication tool for 49% of company workforces.

That’s a lot of talk for one small device. Laptops and tablets make up the other half of the equation, but most communication is running through smartphones, either by text, voice, or using a field service software mobile field service app solution.

In the next round of device buys, 75% will stick with smartphones and handhelds.

Smartphones offer not only the capability to access field service maintenance software checklists and inventory levels, but they can also be vital communication tools for quick calls to the office or warehouse or a text message to another technician. No need for two communication devices with a smartphone in hand.

field service mobile app

44% of service organizations say that mobile field service is required due to competitive pressures.

If you’re not using a field service mobile app solution by now, you are way behind many of your competitors. Field service software with mobile app capabilities is making it easier for technicians to complete work orders and makes dispatching quicker than any manual way could.

80% of service organizations say mobile field service is required to improve staff efficiency and speed.

Efficiency and speed equal dollars, as the faster a technician, can work to a high standard, the more service calls they can take in a day. Field service mobile app technology is making it easier for technicians to complete their work and move on to the next job while keeping their standards high.

41% of service organizations say that mobile field service is required due to the increasing volume of service requests.

The field service industry continues to grow, which means a larger call volume and more service calls. Field service software and mobile apps are making it easier for organizations to dispatch calls and automate the system so their technicians can handle the influx of work.

Mobile field service management software is an important part of any growing field service organization and should be near the top of your list of must-haves when you look to invest in a field service software solution.