HVAC Service Scheduling Software Prevents Unnecessary Overtime

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Last updated Dec 1, 2020 at 12:51PM | Published on Nov 1, 2017 | Blog, HVAC

The field service software industry is expected to grow globally to $4.45 billion by 2022, a growth of 16.5% per year compounded annually from 2016 numbers. That’s a lot of potential growth across many sectors, and HVAC and refrigeration are pegged to be one of the highest-grossing.

The biggest market share is predicted to be in scheduling and dispatching, which is why many in the HVAC space are turning to an HVAC service dispatch software to handle the influx of service calls and new streams of revenue coming in.

It’s no longer financially responsible to do things manually and schedule technicians the old-fashioned way. So HVAC service dispatch software is offering many tools to save your organization money and help employee-manager relationships and increase service revenue.

HVAC service dispatch software

HVAC Service Dispatch Software Saves Time

Scheduling technicians can take many twists and turns. Not only do you have to narrow down the specific skill set for each job before deciding on which technician is capable of doing the job, but other appointments, the location of the technician in regard to the call, and travel time need to be factored into the equation. And that’s all before other outside factors come into play, such as sick days, vacations, and disruptions in traffic that can cause mass delays.

It can take your dispatchers’ plenty of time figuring it all out, like a puzzle scattered across the floor. Fortunately, HVAC service dispatch software can not only make it easy to schedule technicians but also make changes on the go and free up your administrators and dispatchers to complete other work. Coupled with a mobile field service app, dispatchers can make changes on the go, and let the mobile app alert the technician, as opposed to having the dispatcher reach out and contact the technician.

Every little bit of time saved and is more time for extra tasks, and taking the puzzle of scheduling off their plate will be a great start to freeing up time.

HVAC Business Management Software Optimizes Your Resources

The more service calls coming in, the more work for your technicians and the potential for more revenue. Trying to run a smooth and efficient business can be challenging if you’re dispatching through a manual method, as opposed to taking advantage of the full capabilities of an HVAC business management software.

Overcrowded schedules can mean missed opportunities, as one technician could have too many calls to handle, while another sits idle waiting to go. A software solution that gives you the ability to view the full schedule of your service department allows you to optimize the scheduling of your technicians so that the gaps in their schedules are kept to a minimum, and more calls are being plugged in. It makes your workers and service department run more efficiently, and that will translate into more opportunities for revenue when a greater volume of service calls starts to come in.

HVAC service scheduling software prevents unnecessary overtime

Sometimes your employees need to work those extra hours above their regularly scheduled ones for the week. It can create additional costs, but as the work continues to grow, it can be a challenge to keep your technicians within an eight-hour work window.

Scheduling software can give you a window into a technician’s work week, allowing you to get as many calls in their eight-hour work time as possible, but it can also tell you which technicians have gone into overtime, and which ones still have free hours to do additional calls. That saves you money on not booking labor that is already above and beyond their weekly time.

But it can also give you inside analytics on your technicians, showing which one’s complete work the fastest, saving you as much as you can, even if you must pay a technician overtime pay. And with routing tools built into the HVAC service scheduling software, technicians can avoid idle wait times on busy highways or roads, and get them to the job site faster to complete the work order.

There are many functions an HVAC service dispatch software can provide a growing organization, and as the number of service calls continues to rise in the future, there are simple and effective ways to manage costs so that those service calls turn into revenue for the HVAC organization.