A Holistic Look at Fieldpoint’s Field Service Management Software

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Last updated May 12, 2022 at 9:59AM | Published on Mar 16, 2018 | Blog, Case Studies, Field Service, Oil and Gas, Whitepapers

A Complete Service Management System

Fieldpoint has been a complete software solution for the field service industry for the past 25 years, helping field service organizations be more productive, run a more efficient service department, and generate more revenue through our field service management software.

With work order management and mobile solutions, Fieldpoint’s field service software and mobile field service app is making it easier for those in the HVAC, facilities maintenance, IT services, oil and gas, industrial equipment maintenance, fire and life safety and medical devices industries to deliver more effective service to their customers through useful time and cost-saving tools that are found in a field service software.

Whether you are creating work orders for an inspection or break/fix repair, or as part of a service level agreement or installation project, Fieldpoint’s work order management system makes creating work orders simple, while also allowing you complete access to your entire history of work orders that you can narrow down to search functions for a complete legacy system. Work orders can be created manually, or can be generated from a quote from Fieldpoint’s quoting module, with all parts and equipment, materials, and tasks associated with a job being brought over automatically into the work order after the fully detailed quoted is accepted by your customers.

With Fieldpoint’s dispatch and scheduling tools, technicians and subcontractors can be assigned work orders multiple ways, such as by geographical location using a map search, or by skill set to ensure the right technician with the right skills is selected for the job. A calendar with the technician’s full schedule allows for simple drag and drop of the work order onto their schedule, while also giving dispatchers the ability to move work orders around and reschedule to better optimize the technicians’ schedule.

Field service software mobility

Mobile solutions have drastically changed how field service is being delivered, and with Fieldpoint’s mobile field service app, we’re ensuring your technicians are empowered with a full-service mobile app to complete any job they are scheduled. Once a work order is scheduled, the information will be available on the technician’s mobile app, including all instructions, part requirements and checklists that need to be completed before the work order is completed. Routing information is available, along with options for quoting, inventory look-up, and access to the entire field service management software, all from a mobile device.

Built-in integrations that help power your field service software

At Fieldpoint, we know you use many kinds of software to conduct your business, so we’ve designed our software to allow for customized integrations that can link those programs to our field service software for a complete end-to-end solution. ERP, CRM and Accounting systems, such as NetSuite, Microsoft GP, and Quickbooks come out-of-the-box integrated, bringing all your customer and employee information, inventory and parts into your Fieldpoint software, minimizing the risk of data entry errors, and saving time on duplicate entry.

Tax systems, subcontractor management systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) system are all open to be added to the Fieldpoint software through our open API and the Fieldpoint data transfer service, allowing you to connect any software or system you use to ours.

Analytical reporting tools

Whether you want to see contract profitability or make sure an installation project remains on budget, Fieldpoint’s business intelligence module allows for customized analytic reports that give great insight into the success of your business. You can narrow down data to individual technicians, customers, job types and much more, giving you the ability to make informed business decisions with real-time data straight from the field.

Have analytics appear on customized dashboards that can display data for each individual user. With each manager requiring different analytics, the dashboards can display what is important to them, with any key performance indicators needed to make their department run smoothly and efficiently.

Implement the right field service software

Let our team of highly trained consultants help you through the implementation of your field service software. They will work with you to design workflows, built any integrations you need to other systems, and train you and your team on how to use the software to effectively deliver service to your customers. With a fully integrated, end-to-end field service management software solution, Fieldpoint provides all the tools needed to provide effective field service delivery for any enterprise.