Is Your Field Service Software Integrating to Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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Last updated Jan 3, 2020 at 4:10PM | Published on Jun 29, 2017 | Blog, Field Service

Straight out of the box, Fieldpoint’s field service software integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP has streamlined the way businesses connect their various departments. No longer is there a need to use two different programs, entering the same data multiple times. With out-of-box synchronization, tasks such as inputting customer information, products and employees, is done once, efficiently, removing the risk of errors due to multiple entries.

Out-of-Box Benefits

Fieldpoint will automate the process of connecting your accounting software with your inventory and purchasing. It’s all part of the out-of-box integration that the field service software will provide with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Billing options like time and material, fixed price, milestone, progress and hold back billing automatically converts into GP SOP invoices with full general ledger distribution. Easily look up your real-time GP inventory stock directly from your jobs, and determine whether to fill from available stock, perform transfers or generate a purchase order.

But what if you don’t have the material available in your inventory? Fieldpoint’s GP purchasing integration enables you to flow through purchasing with a three-way match, keeping your operations department completely in the loop along the way.


Grow Your Business, Not Your Costs

It’s all about efficiency in the field service software. Limiting retyping will drastically eliminate errors in duplicate entries. Quickly, information is going from billing to inventory to purchasing, without the need to grow an administrative staff. Instead, the growth is in the field with new technicians, keeping the costs revenue generating.

With that growth comes volume of new work and more entries. Fieldpoint’s integration offers the end-to-end solution of connecting multiple departments, keeping records on hand and providing one place to access it all. While at the same time, limiting the errors from multiple entries.

Where Businesses Benefit From The GP Integration

The integration streamlines the process between all departments, as financials are getting a live look at their inventory, billing, and purchasing, without the need for multiple requests or other documentation. A single button will produce a physical invoice, update inventory levels, and display in the financial statements. It makes for a faster turnaround in invoice delivery and payment while requiring less staff to monitor the workflow.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP is about efficiency from end-to-end. Departments are in-sync with current information, with less risk of errors and the need for a growing support staff. Whether you use your own staff or subcontractors, your operation and financial departments are in the loop, and you can make sure all costs get accurately applied to your jobs, for actual profit and loss service reporting.