Is Crisis Communications Part of Your Preparedness Plan?

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Last updated Feb 10, 2020 at 3:07PM | Published on Jul 25, 2013 | Field Service

Every crisis is unique and it tests everyone’s ability to survive!  As a collective, planning for upcoming threats can minimize risks to people, assets, and financial impacts to an organization.  As part of the Preparedness Plan, pre-drafted Crisis Communications documents should be backed up, easily accessible, and editable in case of an incident. The ability to communicate effectively during times of uncertainty can increase a company’s brand worth or conversely damage it. The first priority is to ensure the safety of the community (people), assets and the environment, by being able to respond to an incident quickly and recover from it. Secondly, use this moment to strengthen your brand awareness and highlight your organization’s strengths.  There is no better time to shine in the spotlight.

Fieldpoint Crisis Management

What Should Your Crisis Management Plan Include?

Pre-scripted communications to various audience members should be ready at a moment’s notice.  Statements, press releases and other forms of communication should be made within two hours of when an incident occurred.  No Release is worse than an incomplete release, so get the information out there!  The communications should clearly state: how the incident could affect the public, the action steps your organization is taking to rectify the situation and which media sources you are using to post updates.

Customers and Suppliers:

  • Business Continuity Information
  • Operating Hours During the Incident or Event
  • Contact Numbers and Email Addresses (Main and Back Up)
  • Auto-Response Emails
  • Update Regarding Incident on Website (Link to Landing Page)


  • If and When They Should Report In
  • Update on Safety of Others
  • How This May Impact Them


  • What, When and How?
  • Impact, Resolution and Costs

Community and Media:

  • What Happened?
  • Causes and Responsibilities
  • Actions Taken to Prevent Future Occurrences

Fieldpoint has adapted a Crisis Communications Check List document from The United Nations Development Programme.  Please feel free to download the PDF document and re-distribute for your communications needs.