Fieldpoint Joins the NetSuite Solution Provider Program

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Last updated Apr 29, 2022 at 12:28PM | Published on Mar 11, 2016 | Press Releases

Press Release: Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc. joins the NetSuite Solution Provider Program

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NetSuite has intensified its search and success in its race for channel partners. It has announced that EstesGroup, Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc. and OTT, Inc have all joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program in North America. This adds to the recent success it has had in expanding its channel in Europe.

As companies look to replace legacy ERP solutions they are increasingly turning to cloud ERP. As SI’s and ERP consultancy increasingly find their customers looking to the cloud for their next generation software these partners are looking around to make such that they have the right relationships to meet these needs. That NetSuite operates a single integrated platform, inclusive of CRM, HRM, Finance, eCommerce and more traditional elements such as manufacturing there is an advantage that with a single piece of software, a single relationship covering all customer requirements can be met.

For consultancies or ISV’s looking to partner with NetSuite in the future the program offers benefits from business planning, sales, marketing and professional services enablement, to training and education. Now 14 years old, it has grown steadily over that period and is winning across the channel from other companies in what is likely to be a hotly contested area over the new few years.

Founded in 2004 in Estes Park, Colorado EstesGroup has been working primarily with Epicor but also has IQMS and Microsoft ERP practices. One look at its recent blogs indicates that it has been actively delivering NetSuite to its customers over the last few months, often replacing Quickbooks as companies look to grow. It will be interesting to see whether the shift of emphasis from its strong Epicor practice shifts across to NetSuite over the next few months.

Bruce Grant, EstesGroup CEO comments: “As NetSuite has matured and the functionality has deepened, it became a logical choice for us. NetSuite is the undisputed leader in cloud ERP and the trend is clear. Clients want to move to the cloud even in laggard industries. It was time for us to get on the bandwagon.”

Mike Mance, vice president of business development, Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc
The second company is ISV Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc who develop web based field service management software. They are also joining the SuiteCloud Developer Network and expect to see their application being launched on soon. Historically the software has only been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is a significant win for NetSuite as one might have expected Fieldpoint to migrate their solution to the recently launched Dynamics AX solution.

Mike Mance, vice president of business development, Fieldpoint Service Applications Inc commented: “We really want to offer our customers a complete ERP application, from the field services side up to services logistics to financials.”

“We will provide an industry-specific offering by tailoring our software and using NetSuite’s customization tools to tune functionality so that when a technician has finished a case in the field, all the data surrounding that appointment—cost, productivity, analysis—is driven all the way through the ERP and CRM systems.”

It is interesting that FieldPoint appeared to have pulled a blog specifically comparing NetSuite with Microsoft GP. One wonders why it was pulled and whether that was a sales or marketing decision. It may be that we will see new one written for an up to date comparison.

The third company is OTT, Inc, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is another Microsoft house offering consultancy around Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and Office 365 products to customers in 18 states and Canada. It is a small team of 14 experienced consultants that has strong links with Microsoft but turned to NetSuite as customers shifted from a desire for on-premises to cloud-based ERP solutions.

Eric Sheehan, CEO of OTT explains: “One thing we heard loud and clear from prospects was the need for a unified and integrated solution from a single provider, and it was very important in the ERP and CRM space.”

“We see that in NetSuite, customers don’t have to go to one partner for hosting, another for licensing, another for integration and another for the database. We’re excited to help our clients grow their business on the NetSuite platform.”


It is interesting that in the week of a large Microsoft announcement about the readiness of Dynamix AX for the cloud, its older Dynamics GP partners seem to be looking away from Microsoft. This is despite Microsoft’s continued development of Microsoft Dynamics GP. In a recent blog they announced that the next version, with interfaces into Power BI would be available in May this year.

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