Advanced Checklisting Feature in HVAC Field Service Software

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Last updated Aug 20, 2020 at 10:43AM | Published on Sep 8, 2017 | Blog, HVAC

How Mobile Checklists Can Transform Facility Maintenance Management ServicesWith new check-listing features built into Fieldpoint’s field service mobile app, HVAC technicians are benefitting from new field service automation that is responsive to their input on the job site.

It’s not enough just to follow a simple checklist anymore, as complex HVAC repairs require additional attention that may otherwise be missed without responsive smart answers that trigger more action. With new advanced check-listing features, HVAC technicians can progress quickly through a checklist that has been attached to a work order without missing any procedural steps that may be required.

Whether it be preventative maintenance, inspection, or a break/fix repair, responsive check-listing will make an HVAC technician’s life easier by giving them direction on the job site. When a technician arrives at a job site and begins their work, their responses to the checklist dictate their workflow. If the technician makes an adjustment or requires action on an air conditioning unit, the checklist can prompt them to add additional notes, take photos, or have additional inspection information appear that is required to finish out the work order.


“With Fieldpoint’s latest mobile checklist enhancements, we have come the closest yet to delivering the ultimate ‘to do list’,” said Mike Mance, CMO, Fieldpoint Service Application. “”We have set a new standard in workforce mobility with a highly intuitive interface and powerful features to carry out service knowledge and experience and apply it effectively.”

Service managers have new nesting and smart question options when building the checklists that allow them to build a responsive checklist for any situation that can be applied to work orders. They can create, define and modify these checklists using an effective drag and drop tool to make sure that the technicians and subcontractors are following quality control and troubleshooting procedures.

And whether the technician is an employee or hired a third party, their workflow can be tailored by the service manager through the advance check-listing, ensuring all procedures are met, reducing mistakes and streamlining the repair process so that a customer is receiving the same high-level of service they expect each time they require a repair.

HVAC technicians can utilize these new features along with existing ones, such as applying checklists to specific pieces of equipment that can be scanned via a barcode, automatically loading a checklist for that individual unit. Required fields ensure that technicians aren’t skipping any steps before they close out a work order, applying all data that can be sent directly from the job site to the head office, and the customer, with full details on what was completed during the visit.

Technicians can enter quote information on a faulty unit or part through the checklist and back to their office, ensuring it gets looked at in a timely manner, keeping the entire process paperless, so there is no checklist or quote material to review where information can be not legible. Instead, it’s electronic, creating a fast and readable source of information that comes straight from the field.