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Why Should Field Services Providers Be Gearing Up To Service Hospital Equipment?

An uncertain economy, reimbursement cuts and a shifting healthcare landscape have hospitals and health clinics keeping equipment longer. That means they will be searching for service providers that have the people and software tools to deliver.

As an article on the TechNation website reports, when it comes to maintaining CT equipment, these are the important questions being asked: “Does my parts provider offer tech support around the clock? Is it cost-effective to bring our service in-house? If so, which training programs are best? Is the same maintenance plan we had five years ago the best solution today?”

For these field services companies that will need to service a broad range of products, it will be important to have properly trained resources and great relationships with third-party providers. It also will be critical that these agencies have the field service software applications to price, track and validate third-party work in order to help maintain the proper margins.

Remember, if hospitals are going to lower costs by using third parties, it’s going to get competitive. For field service agencies, this means they must all their information prepared so that they can prove their value against competitors.

Furthermore, if the company wants to service all of the hospital’s equipment, they better have good relationships with subcontractors.

Trey McIntyre, president of the International Medical Equipment & Service, Inc., tells TechNation that “because of the decline in resale value, it’s time [for hospitals] to find the right solution [and] make an effort to find the right parts vendor [and] right service provider.”

For services companies, that means providing a reliable, well-rounded and sustainable service package. Make sure to be creative and add value.

“Quality assurance programs and available inventory should be the baseline,” McIntyre says. In the end, the hospital’s “service and equipment needs [must] drive the show.”

Source: TechNation, November 2012

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