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Should You Be Scheduling Tools As Well As Technicians?

Arriving at a service call without the right tools is more than just embarrassing; it could make a big dent in your company’s bottom line.

That’s why organizing each of your service trucks as a reliable “warehouse on wheels” is so important, according to an article on The Service Coach’s blog.

Driving back from a field call to the shop to grab tools wastes fuel and makes your company look unprepared. Avoid this by take the time to properly stock your trucks with the right equipment.

Some of the tools companies need to service their customers’ equipment may be very expensive. There will be times where it won’t be cost-effective to have the item on every truck.

Why not set up that equipment just like any other resource? Good service management software allows a resource to be defined as a tool. Businesses can drag and drop those resources onto a calendar and assign them to a work order just like dispatching a technician.

The required tool will be marked on the work order for the technicians to bring to the job. Anyone looking to use this tool can simply check the schedule to find out when it’s next available.

At the end of the day, as The Service Coach article explains, it’s vital to keep your trucks organized to protect your reputation and your bottom line.

Source: The Service Coach, March 2012