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Should You Be Integrating Systems To Balance Rising Overhead?

Customer service is one of the most important parts of running a successful service organization.

An article on Service Management Online cites a new industry report from Trimble that shows 57 percent of operations directors have stated their service teams have grown over the past five years, with two-thirds expecting further growth in the next five years. The challenge is adding resources without increasing administrative costs.

The most efficient way to keep costs at a minimum while still being able to freely add resources is by integrating your systems. While it appears inevitable that organizations are looking to add to their customer service teams, avoiding associated rising costs can be achieved.

This can be done through improving field service operations by having field techs enter time, parts and expense into the system when they perform the service. That data then flows into a work order with price, cost and entitlements totals calculated, inventory updated and customers billed.

As the Service Management Online article notes, integrating your systems can streamline tasks and workflows, creating an environment in which adding staff wouldn’t drive up administrative costs. Many workflow functions would flow through the ERP system, meaning less time and money would have to be committed to administration.

As stated in the article, 90 percent of field service firms want to improve service operations and grow without adding administrative costs.

So is there growth in the field services industry? It’s likely. It’s rare to see companies spending money during poor financial times, and right now, we’re seeing more companies investing in tools.

Source: Service Management Online, September 2012