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Is the Qwerty Keyboard the Right Mobile Strategy for Your Business?

Pushing the Right Buttons

Is the qwerty keyboard the right mobile strategy for your business?  The use of a qwerty provides an alternative strategy to purchasing a mobile field application.  This paradigm focuses on field usability instead of swipe-able apps.  Mobile field service applications fail because of poor user adoption and experience.  The inability to access information quickly leads to user abandonment.  Entering work details on touchscreen devices can be cumbersome and difficult for field users.  To improve user experience and minimize back-end administrative fixes, service-based companies may want to consider “company-issued qwerty keyboards”.


Mass adoption of qwerty accessories would eliminate the need for licensing individual applications for field users.  Instead, technicians would access their work details through a secure mobile portal.  A combination of a mobile portal with a qwerty keyboard becomes a scaleable, cost effective and easy to maintain field solution.  Qwerty keyboards are inexpensive and available for most devices in the marketplace.  This alternative would open the doors to “bring your own device” (BYOD) strategy.  Instead of corporate issue smartphones, you now provide corporate issued qwerties.  The cost of a keyboard retails around $30-$70.  A much more cost effective alternative, compared to the cost of new smartphones, monthly subscription costs of mobile applications, plus I.T.’s resource time.


The qwerty keyboard pushes all the right buttons for field users.  It provides the perfect hybrid to touch screen smartphones.  The accessories provide the tactileness and responsiveness that traditional keyboard users are accustomed to.  Administrative tasks can be completed easily.  Work details like timesheets, expense information and job notes are securely captured through a mobile portal.  As well, utilizing the native features of a touchscreen; taking pictures, free-form signature capture, biometric thumbprint capture and navigation maps.  The qwerty keyboard with a mobile portal may be the right field service strategy for your business.


iPhone5 Qwerty Keyboard with Mobile Portal the Right Field Service Strategy

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