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Is Subcontractor Cross-Training The Key To Efficiency?

As the economy continues to recover, general contractors are looking for every competitive advantage they can find these days.

As an article on Red Orbit’s website points out, contractors are seeking cost reductions and streamlined schedules while still maintaining a high level of work. While subcontractors are often the key to making all these ends meet, the truth is that cross-training provides a clear advantage to specialization.

Additionally, for technicians, maintaining access to their company’s project or job costing software system while in the field is critical to understanding what the subcontractor trades have committed to. Having mobile access to see to the trades task list for each stage of the job is key. This way they can see what parts of the job are estimated, scheduled and complete so that managers can communicate and validate work.

The article cites the case of Manganaro Midatlantic, a subcontracting company that adopted a project management system in order to improve communication between subcontractors. By the end of 2013, the company plans to have everyone at entry level trained in this system so they can take on any type of project.

Having a clear cross-training and project management system can help you on the job site, giving you visual or electronic notifications of scheduling and site access issues, as well as budget or costs overruns.

Source: Red Orbit, August 2012