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How To Mobilize Field Services Through Technology

Contractors spend a great deal of time in the field, increasing the need for total mobility when it comes to data collection and cutting costs.

A list on Mobile Enterprise Strategies points out 30 ideas worth the investment, in either consideration or time, to reduce costs and create new efficiencies in business. When it comes to things like data, systems need to be integrated if they are to reduce overall initial cost of ownership and ongoing support costs.

Companies may not be able to find a single-source supplier for all these components, but trying to find a single source to cover their basic lines of business is critical. If your lines of businesses include large project installations, providing support agreements and field break-fix services, then you need these integrated and single-sourced. If not, then you’re constantly incurring ongoing costs maintaining software integrations, or worse, manually re-entering transactions.

As the Mobile Enterprise Strategies article points out, the key to most of the tips on the list are technical updates. Items such as a good CRM, work order dispatching and scheduling systems, as well as workforce optimization can create an atmosphere of productivity and accountability.

There are a lot of good inventory and ERP financial systems that provide proven integration tools. Some of the advanced service management systems provide out-of-the-box customer relationship management CRM systems. You can easily analyze customer service work consistently to unleash new revenue opportunities and automatically generate leads for your sales force.

Source: Mobile Enterprise Strategies, August 2012